The free sci-fi festival returns to QUT Gardens Point this Sunday, August 18, for its fourth year, and families are the big winners in the jam-packed program. A lot of the Robo-fun will centre on QUT’s amazing Science and Engineering Centre (P Block), which features The Cube and its two-storey high interactive screens. Here’s what’s on offer…

Robot Factory
The Cube’s newest attraction will be unveiled at Robotronica and give people of all ages the chance to ‘build’ their own robots on the big screen. How many robots can you build in two minutes in this new big-screen game at The Cube?
Where and when: 9am to 4pm, P Block (Screen 1, Level 4)

The World’s First Hologram Arcade Machine
Try this amazing hologram arcade machine developed by Brisbane company Euclideon, with 12 games created using an AI-based content creation system.
Where and when: 9am to 4pm, D Block (D108)

Art meets robotics with this 2.4-metre fluoro-legged walking creature built by Michael Candy.  (And kids, this is your word of the day … Cryptid (noun): an animal whose existence or survival is disputed or unsubstantiated, such as the yeti.)
Where and when: 9am to 4pm, P Block (loading dock)

The Blind Robot
Are you brave enough let the mechanical arms of The Blind Robot explore your face? This interactive art installation by Louis-Philippe Demers is not for the faint-hearted…
Where and when: 10am to 3pm, Old Government House

This dramatic cyborg dance party is another confronting creation by Louis-Philippe Demers, with amazing music by Bill Vorn. Kids can be spectators and adults can participate by putting on robotic exoskeleton suits that control their movements.
Where and when: 10am to 4pm, Kidney Lawn (The Dome)

Empathy Swarm
These robotic ‘bugs’ will follow you around – just make sure you don’t step on them! They’ve been created by artists Katrin Hochschuh and Adam Donovan as an experiment in human-robot social interaction.
Where and when: 9am to 4pm, QUT Art Museum (U Block)

Tactical Response Robots
Meet the specialised tactical robots that assist state police forces in overt and covert ops, including the OzBot Titan that’s part of the Queensland Police Service’s Special Emergency Response Team. It was developed by start-up company BIA5.
Where and when: 9am to 4pm, Lumpy Lawn (near Goodwill Bridge)

Drone Show
Hear experts from QUT’s Research Engineering Facility talk about how they use aerial robots (drones) to capture data and how robotics is shaping our technologies and services of the future.  There will be demonstrations on the hour.
Where and when: 10am to 4pm, O Block (Level 1)

Hexapod Robots from CSIRO’s Data61
Meet the CSIRO robot with six legs.  In fact, they have a whole fleet of legged robots that can navigate the world autonomously and traverse places too dangerous and dirty for humans!
Where and when: 9am to 4pm, Lumpy Lawn (between P Block and Goodwill Bridge)

QUT Robotics Club Display and Droid Racing
Visit the QUT Robotics Club, see a demo of their Droid Racing Challenge, and check out the display featuring robots created by students.
Where and when: 9am to 4pm, Library courtyard (V Block)

Meet the Cars of the Future
What are connected and autonomous vehicles? Discover how QUT research is impacting future transport and take a virtual reality drive through Brisbane streets.
Where and when: 9am to 4pm, Eastern side of Old Government House

QUT eSports: Drop-in sessions
Check out Australia’s first university eSports arena and battle it out in a variety of games.
Where and when: 9am to 4pm, QUT eSports Arena (X Block)

ROBOWARS: Rebellion
These battling bots were super popular at the last Robotronica and are back to fight it out again to become Australia’s Sportsman Challenge Champion.  ** This is the only Robotronica event with an entrance fee – tickets are $10 and can be booked online.
Where and when: 9.30am, 11.30am, 1.30pm & 3pm, QUT Gardens Theatre (X Block)

Robot Rumble
The “mini-me” of Robowars … In this activity, kids program a battle robot and fight it out on the battlefield.
Where and when: 9am to 12pm and 1pm to 4pm, P Block (Level 5)

Sphero Search and Rescue
A fire has broken out! It’s too dangerous and smoky to send a human into the building so your challenge is to design and program a Sphero robot to carry out a search and rescue operation.
Where and when: 9am to 4pm, D Block (courtyard)

VR Experience
Put on some goggles and fly around the world as part of this virtual and augmented reality experience.
Where and when: 10am to 3pm, QUT Library (V Block, Level 4)

Loads of outdoor fun with a hands-on display of robots. Kids can drive EV3 and REV FTC robots, battle LEGO robots and 3D printed Arduino sumo robots, and learn about the FIRST LEGO League student competition.
Where and when: 9am to 4pm, East Lawn

Robot Play Zone
Drive remote control robots, draw with creative robots and use sensors to complete fun challenges.
Where and when: 10am to 3pm, P Block (Level 5)

DIY Robots
Combine simple materials with moving parts, sensors and lights to bring your DIY robot to life.
Where and when: 9am to 4pm, P Block (Level 5)

AR Colouring In
Do some colouring-in and then watch your creation take off with the help of the Weavar augmented reality (AR) app.
Where and when: 9am to 4pm, P Block (Level 4)

Little Robots Clubhouse
A great place to take the littlies – build a robot with waste materials, enter the colouring-in competition and read a STEM storybook written by QUT roboticist Professor Michael Milford.
Where and when: 9am to 4pm, P Block (Level 6)

Pop-up Library Tinker Table
Play with Ozobots, Cubelets and Beebots and explore coding, circuits, motion and robotics.
Where and when: 9am to 4pm, Lady Bowen Lawn (next to Old Government House)

Reduce, Reuse and ROBOTICIZE!
This is a hands-on ‘Robo-craft’ activity that teaches kids about garbology – the science of waste – thanks to Captain Garbology (Lee Constable, host of TV tech show Scope).
Where and when: 10am to 3pm, P Block




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