Paediatric Podiatrists Jason and Sophie McLellan just launched their online store for Skobi School Shoes.

The kids’ shoes brand is an Australian first, with the shoes being designed exclusively by these talented Paediatric Podiatrists.

Sophie says the benefits of choosing Skobi School Shoes is that they know kid’s feet and most importantly they know how to meet the needs of different types of feet.

“After we realised there was a gap in the market for good quality school shoes that are designed with kid’s foot needs in mind,” Sophie says. “As podiatrists we focus on meeting the structural and functional requirements of a school shoe that will care for and protect children’s feet.

“We take into consideration the construction, weight and materials to ensure we deliver a diverse range that will meet the needs of each and every child.”

What should parents look for when buying school shoes? 

Fit – Ensure the shoe is not too long or too short as no favours are done either way. The width is another important feature, however not all styles come in additional widths, so it is important to check that the width of that particular style is appropriate for your child’s foot.

Needs – All parents must pick a shoe that fits the needs of the kids who will be wearing them. For example a more active child who is playing handball at lunchtime will need a more robust shoe with features such as a rubber toe bumper. Alternatively, some children are particularly sensitive and would benefit from shoes that are lighter weight and with fewer internal seams.

Compromise – Find a shoe that fits your child’s feet that they are interested in wearing, otherwise you will have to arm yourself for the daily battle when it comes time to get dressed for school.

Kids can be tricky to buy shoes for because their feet are still growing, but Sophie says anywhere from 8mm – 18mm growth room in their shoes is optimal.

“As a rough guide you should have about a thumb’s width in between the longest toe and the front of the shoe.”

It is also important to the kids become part of the process to make sure they feel comfortable in the shoes and that they like the style and the fit. By engaging the kids, they will also feel like they have chosen their shoe themselves.

Visit www.skobishoes.com.au



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