As parents, we always want the very best for our kids. Helping them achieve as best they can in their school years can be one of our biggest focuses.

Parents will always be their children’s most influential teachers – there’s never any doubt. However, as parents, there are things we should be doing to enhance our kids’ learning experiences in the classroom.

Educators from Begin Bright Sorrento, Tugun and Burleigh have put their very knowledgeable and experienced heads together to come up with a list of the Top 10 tips for helping your child to schooling success. Here’s how:


Communicate with your child’s teacher and with your child. Know the teacher’s expectation and support your child on their journey to achieving this. Meet the teacher at the beginning of first term and stay in contact with them. Discuss with your child what they like about school, who they spend time with, what they get excited about at school and what things they may need extra help with.

Organise yourself 

Creating an organised environment places less stress on your child and enables them to focus on their day in the classroom with minimal disruption. Look ahead at the term and be aware of important dates and note them on a planner or calendar. List reminders when homework is due, when different uniforms are to be worn, when library days, PE days and excursions are taking place. Use visual graphic cues on the planner that your child can understand and can refer to as well, Eg. Have an image of a blue shirt on the planner on Fridays to remind your child to wear their blue sports uniform that day, or a library bag picture on Thursdays to remind your child to pack their library bag and book on that day.

Teach independence 

Develop your child’s independence by building their understanding of responsibility and ownership over their actions throughout the day. Demonstrating to your child what they need to pack in their school bag each day is a good example. Over time establish a routine so that they will be capable of carrying out this task for themselves. An independent child believes that they are capable and is intrinsically motivated to achieve.


Ensure your child has a set bed time and is getting enough sleep each night.


Ensure appropriate nutrition. Start the morning with a healthy breakfast that will get your child through their big day in the classroom. 

No TV before school

Allowing your child to watch TV in the morning before school can often over-stimulate a child’s brain, making it very challenging for them to focus when they get to school. Start their school day TV-free for the best possible opportunity for learning.

After-school routine 

Have a routine each afternoon after school and set this out on a visual planner for your child so they know what to expect. It is important to have a designated time for homework each day after factoring in after-school activities.


Read a book with your child every night. If you find they are quite tired, then read in the morning. Make sure that you take turns reading so that you are modelling correct fluency, phrasing and expression for your child. Discuss what you have read and ask questions throughout the reading process.

School readiness 

Have your child enrolled in a school readiness program prior to school entry that can get them ready for a happy and confident start to school. Begin Bright provides structured ‘School Readiness’ classes that children attend for one hour, once a week, where they will learn focused literacy and numeracy skills in a fun and positive environment. 

Tutoring support

Seek one-on-one or small group tutoring for your child so they can get individualised support to achieve their learning goals. Begin Bright provides an award winning tutoring program that aligns with the Australian National curriculum. Visit your local Begin Bright centre to find out what they can do to support your child’s educational journey.

Visit www.beginbright.com.au



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