Your brow clinic has closed its doors and you’ve got no real reason to shave your legs anymore – what’s a mum to do? Indulge in some self-iso self-care, that’s what.

Legs need a wax?
If you’re all out of wax strips and aren’t willing to brave the chemist (or the rusty old razor you just found deep in your bathroom drawer) know that you can craft a wax yourself using ingredients in your pantry! This paste combines sugar, water and lemon or lime to create a sticky, honey-like wax that makes hair removal a breeze. This blog post explains how to do it.

Highlights gone yellow?
It’s a blonde’s worst nightmare – seeing your once bright highlights turn an offensive canary yellow. Whether you prefer an ashy tone or a vibrant blonde, the brassy yellow highlights tend to go after a few months away from the salon are no one’s friend. Thankfully, they’re relatively easy to fix. If you don’t have a purple shampoo that you love and trust, do plenty of research to see which one will work for you.

Brows look like caterpillars?
Don’t get us wrong – we love a bushy brow (there’s a reason brow lamination is all the rage right now!). But there is a fine line between well-kept and Wookkie, and that line is usually a few stray hairs inching closer and closer to your eyelid. A little bit of brow grooming is easy to do at home with a set of tweezers and about ten minutes to spare (any longer and you’ll resemble your mid-90s self). This video shows you how*.
*Note: if you don’t have a specific eyebrow razor, leave that step out. You can still have bomb brows without touching that rusty old razor we talked about before.

Skin a little scaly?
As the weather cools, dry temperatures can irritate our skin and increase the rate of skin cell turnover. When we don’t support our skin through this turnover, by giving it plenty of moisture both outside and from within, it can break down and form those ‘scales’ we all know and love. The simple solution is to moisturise, moisturise, moisturise (both physically with moisturiser and by drinking lots of water) but you might also want to keep hot showers or baths shorter or invest in a humidifier. If your skin isn’t scaly, that just means it isn’t scaly yet. Prevention is better than cure, people.

Lost your glow?
If you haven’t been following your usual weekly routine, you may not be following your usual skincare routine – and much like with our scaly legs, the skin on our face and neck can break down if it isn’t properly supported, too. If your skin is looking a little lacklustre and you’re not sure why, try a chemical or very gentle physical exfoliator (we love anything with glycolic acid), add a few drops of a Vitamin C serum for glow and (say it with us) moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!

Missing the spa?
We know – we miss the gentle touch of a masseuse and the feeling that someone cares about our face more than we do, too. But while we can’t visit our favourite day spa, we can sure as heck recreate it at home. Take a long bath in soothing essential oils, invest in a body brush, light some candles and maybe even give yourself a mani/pedi if you’re feeling fancy. You might not have anyone else to show off to, but you’ll sure as heck feel a lot fancier as you potter around your kitchen.

But when all is said and done, do we really care?
If we’re being totally honest, if there’s any time to celebrate our body in its natural glory, it’s now. We’ve been taking this time to focus on what really makes us happy, and if having hairless legs and plucking those extra hairs between your brows doesn’t do it, then it isn’t worth spending any time on. As the ancient proverb tells us, “You do you.”



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