Dutch Cargo Bike is encouraging both parents and kids to get out and about this month to make sure kids are making the most of their childhood.

DCB_childhoodmemories_007Many parents are worried about the amount of screen time children have and the damage this could be causing. Many kids spend their free time in front of TVs and iPads rather than outside playing with their friends.

With more and more on parents’ plates than ever before it is sometimes hard to slow down and get back to the basicsCreating fun habits, which are equally efficient is a great way to bond with your children and get outside together.

Dutch Cargo Bike owner Emmy Heikamp is passionate about mindfulness, nature and the way we are challenged to raise our children in this time and age. With three kids of her own, including one in a wheelchair, she is always looking for ways to get her family outdoors, and finding magic in ordinary life.

September Adventure (3) (1)Emmy says she wants families to plan activities that are reminiscent of a time with less technology more contact with nature and each other. She believes being outside in the elements will create a sense of belonging for your kids, who will want to be outside, smell, touch, hear and see nature.

Emmy shares her tips for making the most of the outdoors this spring:
  • Nature Artists
  • Park Hopping
  • Star Gazing
  • Geocashing
  • Scavenger Hunts (for more ideas click here)

Spring is the perfect time to start the family lifestyle where you take the bike, carry a picnic basket and sing funny songs. Emmy believes it’s important to establish a routine from young age. Establishing conscientiousness and a feeling of happiness that kids will carry into adulthood, passing it on to their children.

With the weather warming up, let’s make sure September is full of adventure. Get outside and write your family story together. Create a childhood for your kids that they’ll never forget.

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