We know there’s nothing better than picking up a freshly printed copy of haven magazine from one of our 1000 distribution points at the start of each month, then finding a sunny spot, a warm cuppa and some quality reading time to digest all the stories and advertising offers from our faithful community. Flicking back and forth through the mag at your leisure and folding the corners down on those pages you want to show others is all part of the reading experience that is authentically haven magazine, but, now there’s another way to get your haven fix on the run, digitally.

PressReader allows you to connect with copies of haven online, as well as thousands of other publishers across 100+ countries, in one of the most user-friendly, image-rich platforms of all the digital readers now available. PressReader allows you to read haven from your smart device, just as it appears in print. You can even download full issues for offline reading.

On top of all the haven goodness, PressReader provides an unlimited stream of top news stories in your home feed – no sign up required. Choose sections of magazines or newspapers to build your own publication, or follow others for a curated story feed. Share your passions and connect with likeminded readers to discover new content. Make your voice heard on issues that matter to you, and follow and support opinions expressed by others. Share stories and opinions with friends on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or send them by email. The “Auto delivery” function means you’ll have a copy of haven delivered to your PressReader app as soon as it’s published each  month. Easy. And yes, you can even bookmark articles for later reading, reference or sharing (just like folding down a printed magazine’s page corners, but a little more 21st Century!).

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haven is all about family, life and style in Brisbane's inner city suburbs, the Gold Coast, south to Byron Bay. We have been keeping parents in the know for over eight years, with fun, fresh and helpful stories that they can take tips from or treasure in their own library.