In celebration of the 48th season of Sesame Street, Cookie Monster and Abby Cadabby are heading down under! haven chatted with the stars about their time on Sesame Street over the years, and what they’re looking forward to about visiting Brisbane.

Congratulations on 48 seasons of Sesame Street! If you had to pick one favourite moment from your time living on Sesame Street, what would it be? 

Cookie Monster: Me got a foodie truck. They give anyone a licence these days! So, me got a chef that me work with called Chef Gonger, and we go around with foodie truck and visit places like an avocado farm or a cranberry bog, and we see where food comes from. It’s me dream gig.

How much has Sesame Street changed since you first moved in?

Abby Cadabby: I moved there a long time ago with my mummy and it’s magical. Now I have a fairy garden where I grow sunflowers and vegetables, but it seems like yesterday that I moved in. People are so friendly. Oh, and just recently, we had John Legend and Ellie Goulding drop by to visit us and sing songs!
Cookie Monster: Everyone on Sesame Street has been there a long time. Big Bird, Elmo, Grover, they’ve all been there a while. It’s the rent control!

Have either of you ever visited Australia before? What are you most excited to do or see on this trip? 

Abby Cadabby: This is my second time visiting Australia and I just love the animals. My favourite animal is a platypus. It’s like a duck beaver!  I can’t wait to see all of the Australian animals.
Cookie Monster: Me visit Australia three times before, and me had to come back to stock up on the Tim Tams. Whoever invented the Tim Tam slam is a genius. Oh boy oh boy oh boy, me so hungry now!

What are you planning to do in Brisbane? 

Abby Cadabby: We’re going to visit Australia Zoo and hopefully catch up with the Irwins. Oh, and the animals. Notice a theme here?
Cookie Monster: Me want to visit the big wheel in Brisbane. It kind of looks like a giant cookie. You think me could eat it?

Which Aussie foods are you excited to try?

Cookie Monster: Take a guess, go on. Yep, me excited to try all on the Australian cookies. You call them biscuits, right?
Abby Cadabby: I’m going to call Cookie Monster the Biscuit Monster! I really want to try vegemite. But there are no veggies in it are there? 

What do you think Australian audiences will be like? Are you excited to meet us!? 

Cookie Monster: Me love meeting Aussies! Everywhere me go, me get given Tim Tams. Bring it on!
Abby Cadabby: I love Australians too. Everyone is so friendly and cute.  They’re all my ‘cobbers’. I just learnt that word!



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