Are you hosting your family for Christmas this year, or throwing a holiday dinner party for your nearest and dearest? Make your table ‘wow’ your guests this year with these tips from Alicent Wong, founder of home.cook.love – Australia’s first online marketplace for everything kitchen, table and serveware.

  1. Keep it minimal

Don’t go too crazy and load your table up with an extravagant amount of décor – keep it simple yet elegant. Remember: your table is for food and drinks, so you don’t want ornaments everywhere. There’s also nothing worse than having a table decoration blocking your conversation, so keep things low.

  1. Back to the bush

Believe it or not greenery is making a comeback – and why shouldn’t it?! Christmas decorations should be elegant, lush and peaceful, and greenery – we’re talking sprigs of holly, vines, neutral flowers and even branches – is the perfect way to achieve that look.

  1. Keep it traditional

While you’re probably seeing modern colours like blue, pink and purple all through the shops, it’s better to keep things traditional when it comes to your table. This time of year should be all about silver, red, gold and green, but if you absolutely NEED a splash of colour, choose just one colour for your feature.

  1. Charger plates

These are a brilliant idea – not only do they look great, they add a feature to the table even if you don’t have a table cloth. They also are great to catch excess food and spillages, especially if there’s young ones around. They’ll also keep your food warmer for longer – win/win.

  1. Artisan style

Keep your table rustic, personal and of course artistic by incorporating elements of artisan style. Not sure what artisan style is? It’s all about handmade creations – like, things made by an artisan (get it?!) – and we’re particularly loving artisan dinnerware. Incorporating handmade bowls, cups and utensils will create a unique and inviting table setting.

  1. Add a little sparkle

When it comes to understated table décor, candles are your best bet. They add a lovely warmth and set the perfect ambience. There are countless options when it comes to shape, size and colour, just be sure to avoid scented ones – you’ll want to fill the room with the aroma of delicious food, not overpowering lavender. And, if you’re feeling really festive, add a string of fairy lights to your table, or twirl it around a gorgeous centrepiece (just be careful to tuck away any loose wires to prevent anyone tripping over).

  1. A personal touch

I love seeing a little handwritten table place card with my name on it. If you are setting your table for eight or more guests, handwrite some name tags and tie them around a herb sprig with jute string for an extra homey, rustic touch. Plus, it means you can avoid any awkward tension by ensuring family members who are prone to arguing are at opposite ends of the table

  1. Mix and match

Don’t be afraid to mix and match your tableware. Start off with a tight colour palette such as gold, black and white, and then layer on complimentary colours later. Florals and stripes can mix well too – as long as you keep to the main colour theme, you can let your creativity run wild.

  1. Napery

A great table setting calls for some lovely napkins, a pretty table cloth or table runner. Gone are boring mono-coloured napery – say ‘hello’ to napery that is daring, contemporary, stylish and playful.

  1. Cutlery

A modern cutlery set does wonders when it comes to adding the finishing touches. Cutlery has evolved in the past few years from traditional silver to gold, rose gold and black. Invest in a beautiful, well-made set that will serve you and your guests well for many Christmases to come.

For all of your holiday table needs, head to www.homecooklove.com – you’re sure to find the perfect kitchenware for your Christmas lunch or dinner.



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