Summer’s here! Take the simple, natural route to looking your best from top to toe with coconut oil. Coconut Guru and ‘Going Coconuts’ author Brynley King shares her top tips for tackling seven summertime beauty dilemmas – and the best part? All you need is one jar of coconut oil.

Coconut oil can be used on any part of the body to not only prevent chafe from occurring but also to heal sore and inflamed skin. It’s also perfect to use on infants as an all-natural alternative to nappy rash cream.

Forgot to slip, slop, slap and now you’re looking less like a bronzed goddess and more like a tomato? The properties found in coconut oil are known to relieve the pain of a bad burn plus heal the skin and limit peeling at the same time. Try patting a washcloth splashed with a little apple cider vinegar on burnt skin to relieve stinging before generously applying coconut oil mixed with peppermint oil to the affected area. The peppermint oil helps to cool the skin while the coconut oil heals and protects.

Chapped lips
Summer’s neon lip colours won’t work on a scaly pout. Dry, chapped lips? Try coconut oil as an incredibly nourishing 100% natural lip balm.

Ingrown hairs
Razor bumps and ingrown hairs aren’t pretty but for many people they’re inevitable after any type of shaving, waxing or hair removal. Coconut oil is anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and anti-fungal which makes it a miracle pre- and post hair-removal product. Replace shaving creams or soaps with coconut oil for your closest shave yet before rubbing a decent amount into the area after your shower; and you can say goodbye to painful, unsightly bumps – for good!

Frizzy hair
We live in paradise, but summer humidity can equal FRIZZ.  The easy cure? Before bedtime, apply a good dollop of oil to your lengths and ends, tie in a topknot and leave in overnight for a super nourishing and inexpensive hair treatment or use as an anti-frizz hair serum by applying a pea size amount to dry hair. And while blondes might have more fun, that green tinge from chlorine damage is hardly rocking. Protect fair hair by wetting the hair and evenly distributing coconut oil from roots to tips, sealing in moisture and creating a barrier against chlorine.

Mosquito bites
When applied to an insect bite, coconut oil is known to work faster than calamine lotion at stopping the itch and reducing swelling. Plus, if you dab it on the area regularly it works to speed up the healing process too.

Dry skin
Are your pins summer-ready? Banish dry, flaky skin by mixing coconut oil with raw sugar for a DIY body exfoliator, then use the oil on its own as an all-natural, paraben-free body moisturiser.

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