Whether you’re a Gold Coast local or visiting the glitter strip from either end of the M1, there’s one iconic venue that never gets old.

OK, I’m going to admit it from the start – it’s been years since I’ve been to a Dracula’s show. I know, I know. I’m a Gold Coast local now and I should know better. Don’t get me wrong – I’ve done loads of kiddie birthday parties there regularly over that time, but it had been about five years since I last went and experienced the tongue-in-cheek laughs of the adult stage show – until this week.

With the brand new show “RetroVampt – A 1970s inspired Fangfest” on the cards, hubby and I and our mates decided a double date was in order and what a night it was! This is a venue that needs no introduction. After decades of success, the Norman Entertainment Group has got the Dracula’s theming and branding down pat. As soon as we drove into the carpark, we were met by your typically lewd and crude Dracula’s character directing traffic – and with laughs already echoing from the back seat of our car, the tone was well and truly set for the night’s festivities.

Dracula’s describes RetroVampt as “sexy, hairy and set to expand your mind, groove your soul and chill your spine with cool vibes, belly laughs and was too much technicoloured polyester”. It’s a fast-paced, wild ride presented in three separate acts punctuated by acrobatic dance, mime, puppetry and mind-bending staging all set to a funky 1970s song list.

As a child of the 70s myself, the theme of the new show was bound to bring back memories – and it sure did. I was singing along to Stairway to Heaven and instantly transported back to high school. What a blast from the past! The acts were impressive, the music was spot-on, the jokes were really funny (there were honestly so many #LOL moments!) and there was even a sprinkling of debauchery to really spice up the audience.

Dracula’s is that venue where you can really let your naughty side out while having fun with friends. And while the show itself is worth the ticket price alone, don’t forget that you get a ride on the Ghost Train and a yummo three-course meal included.

What our night at Dracula’s reiterated to us was that we need to put the venue in our diaries more often. With a brand new stage show presented regularly, there’s no reason not to keep going back for more. We sure will be.

Groups welcome

There are now discounted rates available on Friday nights for groups of 12 or more. Pay just $97 per person for a spot in the Cabaret section. Your ticket price includes the Ghost Train ride, three-course meal and live show.

Visit www.draculas.com.au

Keeley O'Connor

Keeley O'Connor  

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