We’ve all got at least a couple of rooms in our home that we pray no guests will ever lay their eyes on. From your laundry, to your home office, to your garage, we’re sharing easy ways you can glam up those grungy spaces – and keep them that way.


The laundry might not be the most glamorous room in the house, but it’s a room we spend a lot of our time in – so it’s definitely worthy of a little TLC to make it both stylish and functional.

1. Colour and finishing is key
Don’t underestimate how a lick of paint can transform a room. Since the laundry is often a relatively small room, keeping the colour neutral will help create the illusion of space. White and pastel colours on the wall look great in the laundry, as well as soft neutral timber finishes on cabinets. You can also continue the colours you have existing in your kitchen cabinets and bring these into the laundry for consistency. Timber or solid coloured shelving is also a great way to introduce a splash of colour, whilst providing additional storage space.

2. Functionality should be at the forefront of laundry design
Consider how to make the best of the space you have, through design and layout. “When looking at laundry designs in 2019, I am seeing an emphasis on additional storage space,” says Porter Davis World of Style Interior Designer, Stephanie Atanasovski. Drawers, cupboards and shelving make all the difference in keeping a laundry clean and functional. Hacks for utilising space in the laundry include hanging rails for clothes, shelving along the walls and portable ironing tables that fold away into the wall.

3. Think green when purchasing appliances
“It is great to see increasing energy efficient appliances being used in laundries, such as energy efficient washing machines and dryers,” says Stephanie. Many washer models now have improved features to minimise laundry time and are able to run on little water. Looking into purchasing energy efficient models will be a worthy investment that you will thank yourself for later.

4. Feature tiles will brighten up the room
Feature tiles are great for adding style and texture in the laundry. You can add splashback tiles on the walls and have some fun with graphic tiles on the laundry floor. Marble floor tiles can add texture whilst also bringing an aura of sophistication to the laundry. Don’t be afraid to have some fun with tiles, as long as you balance with neutral colours and tones within the room.


You’re probably not going to be entertaining guests in your garage, but that doesn’t mean you should let it get out of hand.

1. Plan, plan, plan
Your garage is the room that is most likely to get out of hand in a short amount of time, simply because it has so many different functions – it could be your main storage space for tools and sports gear, while also housing your cars, while also acting as another workspace or even a laundry. Before you style your garage, make sure you’ve planned out exactly what it will be used for and where everything will go, right down to the nuts and bolts (literally).

2. Declutter
If you’re like the rest of us – a.k.a, normal – your garage has probably accumulated more things than you know what to do with. Make sure you cull the mess in your garage before you start on this massive home improvement mission, and be ruthless. If you haven’t touched that old dresser or rocking chair, it should be rehomed.

3. Organisation is essential
Organisation in your home is the key to productivity! You can never really have enough storage space, particularly in your garage. Additional storage space in the form of drawers, filing cabinets, boxes and shelving will help keep everything in order and keep your garage clutter-free. There are a variety of different storage solutions on the market these days that look stylish too. Checkout Ikea or Kmart for cost effective options.

4. Space for school stuff
Whether you drive your kids to school or not, your garage could be the perfect place to store all of their school things (that you’d rather they didn’t drag through the house). Set up a locker situation for each of your kids, with space for them to hang their school bags, dump their dirty sports shoes and some shelves for them to put any books or folders they don’t need every day.


Whether you work from home every day or just need somewhere you can retreat to when you need to get a bit of work done, there are plenty of reasons why you should keep your office in good shape.

1. Keep calm and carry on
Cool blues and natural green hues are soothing options that will help create a calm space in your home office. Tie in soft tones with a dash of bright colour in the form of accessories, for example a bright yellow lamp or picture frame. This will help to promote a simultaneously high energy work environment.

Plants are great for de-stressing your home and purifying the air in the home office. There are so many low maintenance varieties available now and you can mix and match pots with your decor. If you have the option to hang potted plants from the ceiling, this is not only an on-trend addition but will also save desk space. Candles are also great for filling the room with calming scents. Lighting is also important for lifting your mood and it is important you have a rich light source to promote productivity. Extended desk lamps that reach across the desk are great for this.

2. Create a workspace in any room of the home
Not everyone has the luxury of a dedicated home office, but the good news is you can create a workspace in any home. As long as you have a desk/bench of the adequate height and chair (if you prefer to sit), then you’re on your way! Ensure your chosen desk has suitable storage space for papers and stationary and that you are close to a power source. To avoid straining your eyes, access to adequate lighting is a must. If you don’t have natural light source, opt for extended desk lamps. If you do choose to set up a working space in your bedroom, it is important that you don’t associate the space with sleeping! Counter this by ensuring the desk is well away from the bed and choose a different colour pallete and furnishings to your bedroom.

3. Get with the times while considering your health
In days gone by a typical home office would have included a black desk chair, a wooden desk and metal filing cabinet – not very attractive! These days people are opting for innovative desk and chair design that are both stylish and good for your health. The right chair will make a huge difference to health, comfort and productivity in your work space so invest in one that helps to combat back and posture issues. Standing desks are also an option to consider to give yourself a break from sitting at a desk all day.

4. Make it personal
Photographs, inspirational quotes and imagery are always great additions to the home office. This is a space where you want to spark creativity and it is important to be in a positive space to mitigate stress.

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