It’s that time of year again, and we’ve got money on our minds – specifically, how to spend it a little wiser. 

From the best apps and extensions to help you save some coin, to the items you might not know you can claim this tax time, here are our top tips for savvy shopping ahead of the EOFY.

Use the Honey extension
Ever been checking out of an online store and wondered if you could be missing out on a discount? With Honey, you don’t have to wonder! Honey is a Google Chrome extension that searches the internet for the latest discount codes and automatically applies them for you at checkout. They will go ahead and use whichever code saves you the most money, and you don’t even have to lift a finger. It’s that simple. Honey also offers a small amount of cashback for some purchases from participating stores, which is an added bonus, and provides an up-to-date listing of the hottest sales happening near you.

Follow the right accounts
Love shopping Australian, but unsure where to find local small businesses? Thanks to Instagram accounts like @buyaussienow, @spendwiththem and @buyfromthebush, you can fill your feed with the best, most beautiful brands from metro and regional Australia. Inspired in part by the most recent bushfire crisis, these Instagram pages – and others like them – are on a mission to connect customers with small business owners. It’s a win, win: you get beautiful products, services, artwork and more, while knowing you’re directly supporting a person’s dream. The best part is that many offer online orders, so you can shop from the comfort and safety of your own home.

Use the Shopback app
Similar to Honey, when you shop through Shopback, you’ll receive a percentage of your order straight back to you – as much as 10% in some cases. All you need to do is visit the Shopback website or download the app, and use it to search your favourite stores for bargains. When you check out, double-check that Shopback is enabled (it also offers a Google Chrome extension for ease of use) and you’ll see how much cashback you’ll receive from that order. Shopback can also search the internet for the latest discount codes, though it isn’t as comprehensive as Honey – we recommend using them both.
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Know what to claim
It’s almost time to complete your tax return, but are you in the know about what expenses you can claim? Chances are, there are more than you think. While many of us who work from home year ‘round already know we can claim a percentage of our living expenses (we’re talking rent and mortgages, electricity, water, internet, our phones and computers), those who have only started working from home since COVID may not be aware – but the Australian Government wants to help. Beyond living expenses, don’t forget that you may be able to claim purchases like shoes for some professions, sunscreen or makeup that contains SPF if you work outdoors, donations above $2, interest from your investment income, laundry expenses from washing your work uniform, subscriptions to work-related magazines and journals, and even your handbag – provided you can fit a laptop inside it. Make sure you ask your accountant for more details.

Swap where you can’t spend
Money’s tight – we get it. Instead of splashing cash on the items or services you’ve got your eye on, have you considered making a trade for them? Through our new initiative, haven huddle, that’s exactly what we help you do. Our Facebook Group provides a space where women in business can gather to swap goods, share stories and match services for a win/win trade. We’ve built this platform to lift up local and small businesses – especially those run by fellow mums! – so that we can work together, save money and get through this uncertainty (and form valuable partnerships along the way). Link up with like-minded business owners who are as serious about trade and moving on during the pandemic as you are, whether you’re a flower shop willing to swap fresh blooms for website copy, or a personal trainer who can offer free sessions to a filmmaker in exchange for a promotional video. Offer your services, and connect with people who can do the same for you. Whether you’re a crafter or a copywriter, a photographer or a physician, this is a space you can come to ask for help – and offer it in return.



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