Every second of our life we are processing – physically, chemically and emotionally. We are born to be dynamic and the only thing that is ever constant is change. As we go through phases of flux and change, holistic kinesiology application can assist us in determining our weaknesses, so that we then can focus on wellbeing support.

In truth, our instinct or intuition is often our strongest guide, but we all too often doubt ourselves. Therefore having tools to use to direct us or reaffirm what our body is telling us can be beneficial. Kinesiology is that simple and effective tool.

Bronwyn Lakay’s “Simple Kinesiology for Everyday Living” is an introductory workshop helping participants discover different methods of muscle testing and learn the common reflex points of the body to determine physical, chemical and/or emotional imbalances with simple corrections. Participants can then apply what they learn at home or at work, on the kids, other family members, friends, pets, clients or themselves.

“This is a fabulous opportunity to learn to play and if it’s something you really, really love there are numerous colleges that offer accredited courses in kinesiology if you want to be formally recognised,” Bronwyn explains. “Anyone and everyone is welcome to this comprehensive yet simple day of fun, especially if you come with an open mind.

“As the ‘KISS’ principle design infers, there is tremendous genius in our ability to Keep It Simple.”

Bronwyn describes herself as a “hands-on practitioner”.

“All roles that I play in life involve my hands whether they’re on the body or off. The word ‘chiropractor’ stems from the Greek words chiro/’hand’ and praktikós/’concerned with action’.

“My journey first began as a scientist, then massage therapist, then I studied chiropractic, then I went on to study various healing modalities and continue learning in all sorts of ways each and every day.”

Bronwyn says she is passionate about learning and teaching, and felt compelled to create workshops for people of all ages to share some of the insights and tools that she has learnt over the years.

“I offer an holistic approach to health care,” she explains. “My intention is to empower each individual to heal themself and to express their true essence through personal sessions and/or workshops.

“The aim of the workshops is to affirm that you have the consciousness, gifts and abilities to heal and serve yourself and others.”

Visit www.chirobron.com



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