A lot of our Herd first discover MooGoo when they’re on the hunt. On the hunt for something – anything! – that might give their children some relief for their skin. Because their immune systems are immature, kids tend to develop itchy rashes quite often. We’re delighted to help provide relief for them (and their worried parents!), and take our jobs super seriously! But we’re not just for troubled skin, and although our products are great for the whole family, there’s one in particular that’s definitely rated MA! This one’s for you Mum!


Let’s talk red wine.


A glass of red a night is said to be the secret to a long life and good health. This is all thanks to antioxidants, especially one in particular – resveratrol. Resveratrol is a compound found in red grape skin which gives red wine its deep, rich colour and exceptional antioxidant properties.


University studiesMooGoo_AntiAgeFaceCream_75g_carton&product have also found that topically, resveratrol helps maintain youthful skin. In fact, topical resveratrol (i.e. applied to the skin) may be one of the best methods of gaining the therapeutic effects of this antioxidant!


Resveratrol is one of the superstar ingredients in our Anti-Ageing Face Cream. It doesn’t sound as exotic as ‘jellyfish DNA’ or ‘bee venom’, but we’d rather utilise ingredients that we believe are effective, than those that sound intriguing in our marketing.


So, now you can feel good about drinking your red wine, and wearing it too!


MooGoo are a natural skincare company based on the Gold Coast. They love to create natural, non-irritating alternatives for their Herd, and list all of their ingredients on their packaging and their website ~ so you can make the right decision for you and your family. Join the Herd!


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