Ever wondered what it would be like to be a seagull, flying high above the coast with the fresh seabreeze in your hair/feathers? Now you can!

Acrophobics – turn the page now. Really. Right now. But for all you adventure seekers without a fear of heights, read on! SkyPoint Climb is a must-do Gold Coast adventure taking thrill seekers 270m into the air for Australia’s highest external building climb. It all happens atop one of Queensland’s most recognised landmarks – the iconic Q1 Resort Building. The 90-minute climb provides unparalleled 360-degree views of the Gold Coast and beyond, as well as memories to last a lifetime. haven sent three of our own adventure-seekers to the top of Q1 to give you their review of the Gold Coast’s most awe-inspiring open-air adventure.

img_1923-resizeTHE DAD
Our ‘dad’ reviewer admits he might have been initially a little apprehensive about climbing the outside of a 270-metre structure. But once atop Q1, his apprehension and adrenaline turned to pure excitement. “I won’t lie – I was pretty nervous,” he recalls. “Heights and I aren’t enemies but there are times when we don’t see eye to eye. Like the time I visited friends who had just moved into a 40-something floor apartment in Brisbane with glass railing. I spent the day inside the apartment looking at the kitchen! “From SkyPoint Climb though, the Gold Coast is crazy beautiful!” he says. “You look out from the beach on a regular day and the nets look like they are halfway to the horizon. From the top of Q1 though, they look so close to the beach.” So what was ‘unexpected’ about the climb? “Probably how not frightening it was. There was definite discomfort when the guide got us to lean over the edge backwards for a unique photo op, but for the rest of the climb I felt safe and secure and really enjoyed it.”

yourphoto_0006-resizeTHE TEEN
Our intrepid adventure-seeking teen reviewer was bang-up for a chance to climb Q1. Based at Merrimac, she’d never experienced a perspective of the Gold Coast like this one in all her 16 years. “In the beginning I felt nervous, but excited, in preparation for what was ahead,” she says. “The best memory I have of the climb is leaning off the side of the building. SO scary but so much fun!” She says that while you’d expect the climb to be somewhat physically challenging, it wasn’t. “If anything, it was relaxing,” she adds. Among the best (and quite unexpected) views from the top were all the whales. “There were so many whales! I also loved seeing the ocean and all the miniature surfers and swimmers in it,” she says.

yourphoto_0002-resizeTHE KID
Our tween climber says she felt pride and excitement by conquering Q1 via SkyPoint Climb. “I was nervous and excited at the same time. The best memory of my climb was probably just doing it with dad and making that huge milestone of getting to the top!” Even at just 12 years of age, our adventureseeking kid says the climb was not too physically hard, but there were “sooooooo many stairs!”. “We saw whales and a lot of people just enjoying a beautiful day on the beach. We could also see the border of Queensland and New South Wales. When I got to the top, I was also surprised to find that the top of Q1 isn’t glass – it had big air-con things and a huge window-cleaning crane up there instead!”

Visit www.skypoint.com.au

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