It’s one of the biggest makeup trends that has stood the test of time yet so many women would never dare to try it on themselves… da…da…daaaaaaa… the smokey eye.

Although a smokey eye can go wrong very easily, when you get it right, it looks beautiful and its actually not as difficult as it seems. With the right tools, the right product and some patience, anyone can achieve a smokey eye to rival Kim K. Today I’m here to hold your hand and talk you through the steps of a seamless smokey eye.

  1. Prep your eyelids with either a concealer, some foundation or a eyeshadow primer. We are about to create art here people, we need a clean canvas. Don’t forget to set with a little powder to help your eyeshadows glide on easily.
  2. Next, choose an eyeshadow palette that has at least 3 (4 or more is even better) tones of the same colour. Matte browns are universally beautiful on everyone but a smokey eye can be achieved with any colour. I HIGHLY recommend the Morphe 35N palette.
  3. Now with a fluffy blending brush blend the lighter of the colours in the upper crease area of the eye (the area above the crease of your eyeball).
  4. Next, you are going to pick up the next darker shade, with a slightly smaller brush (or the same one of you only have one) and take that colour into your crease, going back and forth like a windscreen wiper until the colour is deposited nicely.
  5. Now, with no extra product, pick up your first brush and blend the 2 colours together with tiny little circle motions over both areas.
  6. Take the next darker colour and pat this onto your eyelid. This should meet the colour placed in the crease.
  7. Repeat step 5.
  8. Now for some extra smoke, take a black or brown (or whatever colour your using) kohl pencil and line the top of your lashes as well as your waterline (the inside rim of your bottom eye line)
  9. Take the darkest of the colours and with a small round blending brush, go over where you placed the kohl pencil to ‘smoke it out’.
  10. Repeat step 5.
  11. Now, under the bottom of the eye, using the small round blending brush, blend the darkest or second darkest colour to smoke out your bottom lash line to achieve your desired look.

And there you have it! If you took your time to blend between each step and used multiple eyeshadow shades, you should have yourself a seamlessly blended smokey eye.

As a tip, do your eyeshadow first that way if things get a little messy (which can happen to the best of us) you can always use a makeup wipe to wipe away any eyeshadow that ended up in places it shouldn’t be before applying your foundation.

If you would like to see a video tutorial of this look please take a look here…

Remember to have fun with it! Happy painting dolls.

Fellan Robinson

Fellan Robinson  

Makeup artist from Australia, YouTube beauty blogger, stylist, mummy and all round makeup and fashion addict // www.youtube.com