Summer holidays means downtime with your family, usually in a bright, sunny (sometime exotic) summertime holiday locale. And that means photos. Lots of them.

It’s a sad state of affairs in modern society when we are able to take so many more photos than ever before through the near unlimited capabilities of our smartphones and digital cameras, only to store those six-bazillion photo files (and that in itself can be overwhelming) on a hard drive and never look at them again. While you’re getting snap happy this summer, take some of these pointers into consideration…

Get organised

Yep, six bazillion photo files is an organisational nightmare. And it’s a nightmare many of us are living. Let technology take over. With The PhotoStick Plus, just click “Go” on the included software and it does all the work for you. With 1TB capacity, it’ll find and backup 200,000+ photos, videos, documents and music (www.thephotostick.com). Monument is another gem. It automatically backs up all your photos from smartphones, cameras, computers and SD cards all to your own hard drive. It then uses artificial intelligence, facial recognition and scene recognition to sort your photos by date, location, camera, person and scene (www.getmonument.com).


Gone are the days of waiting 24 hours for a roll of film to process at the chemist, only to drive back to pick up your 24 sheets of 4×6 glory to find that 20 of them were overexposed or blurry. Doh. Make an effort to get your best shots (that have been further Facetuned, filtered, cropped and Photoshopped to perfection) printed and put on display. Hang them on your walls via cute little wooden craft pegs on lengths of ribbon or string. Store them in a small basket on your coffee table as tangible talking points when friends drop over. Pop them under the glass top of your coffee table or tuck them into the frames of your hanging mirrors or other framed pictures to add another interesting dimension.

Get in the photos, Mumma!

All too often you hear stories about the chief family photographer (yes, that’s you, Mum), looking back on a lifetime of photography only to realise you weren’t captured in many images yourself, because you were always behind the lens. By then it’s too late. Make an effort this summer to get your photo taken! And we don’t EVERRRR want to hear that you are ashamed of your bikini body or suffering from a little Christmas bulge and that’s the reason why you won’t jump in photos. Your kids, grandkids and great grandkids won’t care – they will be sadder about not having any photographic memories of you in years to come.

Location, location

Gold Coast photographer Jacob Ritchie says the beach is always a great place to take family photos. His pick of the local coastline is Mermaid Beach because it’s “uninterrupted and so, so clean”. But Jacob says there are plenty of other non-traditional-beach location gems just screaming out for you and your camera. Try the murals and “epic” pastel backdrops at the Mexicali taqueria (2223 Gold Coast Highway, Nobby’s Beach) as well as The Borrowed Nursery (44 Cronulla Avenue, Mermaid Beach).



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