How do you celebrate and mark a modern-day milestone? Have times really changed? What is just the right keepsake gift these days? haven asked the gift-giving gurus at Oh My Giddy Aunt.

Disruption, fast adaption, digital changes. In a world that seems to be spinning so fast, you’ll be pleased to know that traditional personalised bluebird jewellery is as popular as ever, according to the keepsake-giving gift gurus at Oh My Giddy Aunt. And they should know. Oh My Giddy Aunt was one of the first keepsake jewellery stores to go online way, way back in 2003 (that was before Instagram, before Facebook and even before smartphones!).

Thirteen years on, Chief Giddy Aunt Nikki Johnston says that while there is no doubt the online world has changed the way we celebrate special occasions, the more things change, the more things actually stay the same.


“We connect with others through our stories – life is recorded in milestones and measured in moments,” Nikki says. “Some of us have strong family traditions, some have faith-based ceremonies and others create their own rituals or meaningful moments to tell life’s stories for this generation and the next.”

Traditional milestones once included christenings, Baptisms or Naming Days, the first birthday, sweet 16th, 18th, 21st and then any birthday ending in “0”. Other occasions have long marked further chapters in our stories, including the first tooth, first Tooth Fairy’s visit, Confirmation, graduation, engagements, weddings, housewarmings, baby showers and even retirement and remembrance. Today’s stories are more likely to be recorded digitally and shared globally. They also reflect signs of the times such as the getting of P Plates, gap year adventures, new beginnings, divorce or freedom parties, the launch of an eBook and the celebration of love and families of all shapes and sizes.

“No matter what the occasion, the elements that make them special remain the same,” Nikki says. “They have personal significance, tell a chapter of the story you want to share and connect with others and they give meaning to our lives. The more personal a gift is, the more precious it becomes.”


Nikki says that while some of the milestones may have changed over recent years and not all keepsakes are still traditional these days, many of the old favourites do remain popular. Think baby brooches, engraved jewellery, signet rings and birthstone jewellery.

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