Oh summer… The heat. Heading to the beach and loving your friends who have a pool.

The afternoon and evening storms. The way you can feel it build and then finally the rain breaks and there’s relief from the suffocating humidity.

The kids, out of school, running around, noises filling the neighbourhood as they chase the day away. New games created – old games found (finally that toy they’ve lost all year has been found under the bed during a hide-and-seek marathon).

The time spent together leading up to Christmas. The excitement of Santa. The lists, the circles in catalogues, watching their eyes widen when they see the houses all done up in lights.

Just time spent doing nothing, but being able to spend it together – a pile of humans, finally all together without work or school hours in the way.

The air con pumping. The electricity bill going up until we almost have to sell a kidney to afford it.

The horrible feeling when you realise you didn’t put more water and ice in the fridge.

The stinky, horrible feeling that you might never feel comfortable again in your skin.

The sweat covering your forehead, your back, your top lip, running down your arms.

And then before you know it, you’re chasing the best fireworks and trying to decide if it’s really worth going out on the busiest night of the year. Do we stay in? We do this every year! Could we be bothered? Will we even make it to midnight? What time is the bottle shop open?

I hope your summer school holidays are a great time spent together, as crazy as I am sure they will be. I hope you enjoy some time with your family and also have some time to reflect on what a year it has been!

I hope you also have a wonderful Christmas and start to 2019.

Moyra Major

Moyra Major  

Moyra has been a familiar voice on Gold Coast radio for over a decade. Throughout her career in radio she's had the pleasure of interviewing people from all over the globe and has even appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show in LA. She loves speaking in public, whether it be through the radio or in front of an audience. But she wasn't always very good at it. Moyra finetuned the skill, starting her own business, Major Confident, in 2015 to those like her who struggled to face an audience // www.majorconfident.com