For busy parents cleaning can be the LAST thing you want to do. So how do we speed it up?

Look, let’s be honest – most of us hate cleaning. It’s time consuming and boring, but it has to be done.

While we’d love to say just make the kids do it, we can’t make them do ALL of the cleaning (or can we?).

haven spoke to the cleaning experts at Family Clean to learn how you can spend less time cleaning and more time doing fun things (like spending time with the kids or enjoying a glass of wine).

According to Family Clean owner Rowena Jongejan success is really the result of one person’s work, even when it comes to cleaning at home.

“So get the whole family together to help,” Rowena says. “It shouldn’t be just mum, or dad to have the sole responsibility for cleaning the family home.”

Have a plan of attack
Just like any battle, cleaning your home needs a strategy behind it.

You will need a to do list, but also a time when you can set a timer, chuck on your fave playlist and just clean, clean, clean!

Make sure you’ve got the tools of the trade
If it’s not easy and at the tip of your fingers you won’t do it. Prepare a caddy of necessary tools to get the job done. Once you’ve prepared it once, keep it together so it’s easy to start again next time.

Start with the clutter
It’s really that simple, just start with the clutter… Tidying will clear your mind and open the way for the ultimate speed clean.

Just chuck all the dirty clothes into the washing machine and put all the dirty dishes in the dishwasher. Once that’s out of sight it’s time for the bigger tasks…

Make an impact
Once the clutter is out of the way you need to start with something whre you’re going to make an impact and feel rewarded straight away.

Think: kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms – this is where you will see the most noticeable difference after a good speed clean.

Involve the whole family
You all live in the same house and you should all contribute to the cleaning. The cleaning and organising of the home shouldn’t be just left up to one person!

Make it fun by challenging the kids and making it a game. You could also incentivise them with prizes for the fastest cleaner (or the best cleaner). Don’t forget to reward yourself too – a fast clean definitely deserves a glass of wine.

Family Clean is a boutique housekeeping agency that trains and empowers independent professional housekeepers for your home.

Visit www.familyclean.com.au



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