The last term of the year doesn’t just signal the downhill slide to the Silly Season – it’s also the time that a tonne of fun summer sports kick off! Whether they’re offered at your kids’ school or available as an extracurricular activity, here are a few of the most popular summer sports your kids can look forward to.

Surf Lifesaving
The opportunity to get involved in recreational surf lifesaving clubs is one of the many privileges kids in coastal towns get to enjoy. And surf lifesaving – or ‘nippers’, for the younger age groups – doesn’t just teach kids lifelong skills in the surf… it’s also a brilliant way to build confidence, improve fitness and make lifelong friends. Not to mention, ducking and diving the waves and running through the sand makes for a pretty cool sport. 

From Learn to Swim lessons for the younger kids to squad for the older kids – with ample opportunity to compete if your kids’ so desire – swimming is arguably the most popular Australian summer sport… just about everyone does it! Your child’s school may be lucky enough to have access to a pool, which means they’ll probably do swimming sessions during school hours, but if not there are plenty of swimming clubs and schools around town that you can enrol in.

It’s one of our country’s most popular sports, and a huge part of our national identity – but the thing we love most about cricket is how much more inclusive it has become. Australia’s female cricket stars are moving from strength to strength, and it’s encouraging generations of younger girls to get involved in what was once a very male-dominated sport. If you’re looking for a fun, challenging game to get your children involved in – whether they’re girls or boys – you can’t go past cricket.

If your child is more attracted to individual sports, but doesn’t want to spend all of their time in the pool, they may want to give tennis a go. Perfect for improving hand-eye coordination, fitness and agility, tennis is easy to pick up yet challenging enough to make your children keep at it. If you’re worried about accessibility (we know, tennis courts can be hard to come by) check out the summer tennis programs in your area. 

Basketball has burst onto the scene as the summer sport to watch – Australians are slowly but surely falling in love with the popular global game. One of the few team sports that can be played through summer, thanks to typically being played indoors, basketball is perfect for the child looking to get out of their comfort zone and improve their sporting ability at the same time. It’s fun, fast-paced and will have your whole family hooked before you can say ‘alley-oop’.

It’s without a doubt one of the lesser popular ball sports in Australia, but don’t underestimate soccer just yet – there’s a reason it’s considered the international game. Perfect for helping your children improve their fitness and coordination – and get out of their comfort zone at the same time – soccer is equally suited to boys and girls (meaning only one Saturday morning sport run – winning). You really can’t go wrong.

Looking for a way to get your sweat on in the cooler months? Check out our list of sports to pick up in winter.



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