Spring has sprung, and along with the steamy weather comes some itchy, scratchy skin. Put your best face forward with our expert tips for your best skin this season.



Whether it’s aging, adult acne, pigmentation or tone,  we all have our skin flaws. And while injectables and makeup can mask a multitude of sins, as Jacqueline Kama from Refresh Salons says, “You can’t tweak bad skin”. With over 20 years in the industry, Jacqui knows her stuff, and is a passionate advocate for healthy skin from the inside out.


“You can’t put rubbish into your body if you want your face to look good”, she says, recommending a consistent regime of sunscreen, exfoliation and nutrient-packed nutrition for glowing skin. Her big-gun skin saver? Skin needling to stimulate collagen and elastin production. “The downtime is so limited for the benefit it provides,” she says.



Sam Keim, registered nurse and founder of Skin Matters, notes that allergic reactions and eczema can heighten at this time of year. She recommends treating with red light, such as Omnilux, to decrease redness, stimulate the skin cells’ anti-inflammatory properties and stimulate recovery.


And watch what you put in and on your skin – “When your skin integrity is compromised, you absorb more of what you put onto your skin,” Sam says, giving sulphates and parabens the old heave-ho. She also suggests exfoliating with lactic acid, as its large molecular structure doesn’t penetrate skin and it hydrates while exfoliating.


Find out more and read the expert’s top picks for getting your glow on this spring in the October issue of haven.


Courtney Robinson

Courtney Robinson  

Courtney Robinson is a Gold Coast mum, passionate foodie, whole foods recipe creator and personal trainer certified in holistic digestive health and nutrition. Follow @athletist_ or visit athletist.com.au for recipes, workout tips and training hacks.