Since the pandemic kicked in and with many of us working from home, we have seen the boundaries blurred on our standards, routines and (let’s be honest) self-respect. It’s not uncommon to hear stories of people working and Zooming in their pyjamas until midday (or all day)! As comfy as it sounds though, is doing an online workout in your Ugg boots really good practice?

How does this mindset impact your self-esteem and productivity?

It leads us to the question, whether the styling of yourself and your day can have a direct impact on your mood and the results you achieve. We have recently seen a return to gyms and studios (like ours). But, have we turned up with the same punch as pre-COVID? Or are we generally down and lacklustre about the little things that used to mean a lot? 

We’ believe a few simple tips and tricks can enhance your general mindset and set you up for a successful day and ongoing daily routines:

Nail that morning routine

Never underestimate the importance of a morning routine. Planning your day out before you hit the pillow can give you a massive head start to the day ahead.

Whether you are one to get up and hit the gym early or not, simply organising your outfit the night before for your workout, walk or just for the day, can set a sense of organisation in the mind.

Building a strong morning routine or ritual can help set intention for the day ahead and boost happiness rather than let the day run away from you before it starts.

Simple ideas for designing an effective morning routine include: 

  • Waking up at the same time each day
  • Drink a full glass of water and start the day with good hydration
  • Take a cold shower
  • Rollout on a foam roller
  • Go for a brisk walk – and say good morning to people
  • Do a workout – or take a Pilates class!
  • Listen to a podcast or audiobook
  • Read a blog post or article
  • Meditate
  • Do an act of kindness

Everyone is different so choose a few things that work for you and create your own morning routine, and most importantly repeat it every day. Repetition becomes habit.

Styling your outfit – leggings are the new jeans! 

There is no doubt that feeling good in what you’re wearing can assist with mood and performance. Regardless of body shape, fitness or style, it’s possible to achieve a look that enhances YOU inside and out.

Through lockdown, we have all become “comfy”. Even with a return to work, there is a sense of wanting to retain a level of comfort we have all adapted to so well. We are seeing an emerging clothes category referenced as Hybrid clothing or Athleisurewear. Allowing comfort yet delivering self-respect and an acceptable appearance. It’s now common to attend meetings in crossover outfits such as tights, sweaters and trainers. Labels such as PE Nation, Lululemon and Running Bare now actively promote hybrid-wear such as “lounge leggings” and jackets.

These are tough times financially for many, so it’s easy to start by looking at your current wardrobe. Here are a few styling tips to help you nail your hybrid look whether it’s at the gym, coffee meeting or lunch with the girls:

  • Audit your current activewear/athleisure wardrobe
  • Find the core pieces that make you feel good. These can be the base of a successful look – put these at the forefront
  • Invest in a couple of new pieces if the budget allows – because shopping always lifts the mood! Think about quality brands. Brands that are your best fit and feel fabulous on. Again, when investing is these pieces, and spending the money, ensure you get value out of them. Can they work with other colours, other outfit styles?
  • On-trend component – Shift up your core pieces with some cheaper on-trend items such as hoodies from H&M, t-shirts from Cotton On etc.
  • Never underestimate the power of accessories. Swing a scarf over your hoodie, pop a cap on, whack on a big pair of sunnies for your walk – mix it up. We all fall into the trap of wearing the same pieces all the time. Test the boundaries with accessories.
  • Make an effort with your face. We often think the gym or a walk is no place for make-up. Try popping on a bit of lippy or a touch of mascara before you head out. It’s amazing how something so little can bring you to life.
  • Colour can play a big part in giving you an external glow. What was the last colour you were wearing when someone commented – that colour looks great on you! Remember it, embrace it and wear it. Pops of colour are awesome.
  • Trainers, trainers, trainers!


Take a little time out for yourself. It may be as simple as sprinkling a few lavender oil drops on the shower floor and absorbing the sensation as the steam swells the scent into the room. Or taking time out to get lost in a meditation moment. There are some amazing free mediation apps around now, including “Insight Timer” which has some great sleep and mindfulness recordings.

Acupuncture, massage and facials are also approved on the self-care list.

Glow and grow with gratitude

Whilst you may look good on the outside and have your day planned out to perfection, practising gratitude will make you glow. Gratitude is an emotion that can enhance your life in many ways, delivering you with a more optimistic view on life:

Here are ten simple ways to practice gratitude:

  1. Tell someone how much you appreciate them
  2. Keep a gratitude journal and add to it daily. This will ensure you are conscious of the effects
  3. Do an act of kindness daily
  4. Don’t gossip and speak badly about people
  5. Spend quality time (without your phone) with your kids and partner
  6. Don’t take things for granted – say thank you for the little things that go unappreciated
  7. Acknowledge your mistakes
  8. Try and turn a negative thought into a positive one
  9. Give someone a compliment
  10. Embrace change and the challenges life throws at you

It’s the little things that can help us improve, succeed and most of all be happy. Adopting a little change each day or even each week can be more achievable than trying to implement all the tips mentioned above. Start with swinging a scarf around your neck, going for a brisk walk and saying good morning to someone you don’t know. When they smile back you’ll have that gratitude glow. It feels good.

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