Make like a boy scout and “be prepared” for the school week with these tips for Sundays.

Sunday might be the sabbath but it’s also key in setting yourself up for a smooth-sailing school week – and who doesn’t want one of those?! We know you just want to binge on Netflix on Sundays but, trust us, a little bit of effort on Sundays will go a long way…

1. Food, glorious food

Keep ‘hangry’ at bay by ensuring you have a weekly food plan in place by each Sunday. Some of you will prefer your plan written out and stuck to the fridge while others might like to just make a mental note – your preferred system will be the best system for you so don’t let us tell you how to do it. Your plan should consider your family’s weekly dinner menu and potentially also who is in charge of making each dinner, if this changes on a daily basis around your family members’ extra-curricular commitments and timetables. You should also make sure that by Sunday evening your shopping is done so you can enter your week prepared with a full fridge and pantry. Have some healthy snacks prepped and ready in the fridge so you and the kids won’t seek out the easy, less-healthy, processed food options. While you’re at it, go nuts and prepare a few freezable school and work lunches. Frozen savoury and sweet muffins, for example, are a godsend when you have to throw together a quick lunchbox and you’re running out of ideas.

2. The clean dream

Just like having a full pantry and fridge, there’s something immensely satisfying about having the laundry cleared on a Sunday night – even if it only lasts for a few nanoseconds. Engage your whole family to help with the folding in front of the TV on a Sunday night – even the littlest members. Monday morning is traditionally the most sluggish morning of the week so maybe you can even leave out the children’s uniforms on Sunday night to combat Mondayitis? While in cleaning mode, set up the kids with a Sunday routine to sort out their personal spaces. If you make it a weekly ‘job’ and one that they have to be responsible for, there’s less chance of those rooms becoming ultimate warzones after weeks and weeks of disarray. If they do it early enough in the day, you can have all their stray dirty washing in the laundry to process, as mentioned above.

3. Family matters

Sunday night dinner provides a great time for you to go over the family’s plans for the week ahead while you have a captive audience. With all heads in the game, you’re less likely to miss something as well. Tell the kids what’s in the family diary for that week. Make plans with your partner for any non-standard school pick-up or drop-off requirements. Are there any school notes that need to be filled out and returned? Is there anything special/different happening at school this week, like excursions or classroom activities? Do you need to organise birthday presents this week before the onslaught of next weekend kiddie birthday parties? Is there any homework due? Have you factored in down time, for everyone?



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