She became an international phenomenon with the release of her 2012 book, Rushing Woman’s Syndrome, and now nutritional biochemist Dr Libby Weaver is embarking on an Australian talk tour, From Surviving to Thriving.

If you wake up exhausted, struggle through the day on a caffeine/carb rollercoaster, can’t lose that ‘baby weight’ even though your ‘baby’ is in primary school, and can’t sleep for your overactive mind, this one’s for you! (Hands raised right around the haven office . . . yep, we’ve all been there.)

With her latest book Women’s Wellness Wisdom exploring common female concerns – like the weight you just can’t shift, to feeling trapped on the ‘stress express’ to why you can’t say no – tickets to Dr Libby’s public events are sure to sell like hotcakes.

We spoke to the best-selling author about what motivates her, how she juggles her own crazy-busy schedule without yielding to Rushing Woman’s Syndrome herself, and what audiences can expect at From Surviving to Thriving.

Dr Libby WEaver photo credit Steven CheeYour latest speaking tour is called From Surviving to Thriving. What do you mean by surviving vs thriving, as it relates to mums?

I’m passionate about helping people to lead fulfilled lives and I know from clinical experience that many people spend a good portion of their life just getting by. I want to empower people with information to help them thrive! People tolerate a foggy brain, they drag themselves around, often feel like they are a slave to everyone else or beat themselves up for not achieving their plans or dreams … and the list goes on. I want people to know there is another way to live.

You’ve already written a number of hugely successful books. What motivated you to write Women’s Wellness Wisdom?
There is so much misinformation out there when it comes to women’s bodies. We’re living in an era where young girls are questioning their value at increasingly young ages due to societal and often media influences. I have often had older women say to me, “I wish I knew this information when I was younger” – I want women of all ages to understand how they can take better care of themselves.

You’re a nutritional biochemist, speaker, best-selling author, consultant – how do you avoid burnout and overwhelm?
I have a morning ritual that I don’t compromise. I also schedule my downtime and prioritise it. I know people think the word gratitude gets overused but I am truly grateful for life itself plus everything I have in my life – such a clean water and fresh air. An attitude of gratitude can be very energising – as is having a clear purpose.

What do you see as the top three obstacles to optimum health for Australian mums?
Being a pleaser, compromising themselves/their own health to keep others happy/not let others down.
2.   Being tired but wired, using caffeine and refined sugar when they’re feeling tired or depleted.
3.   Judging themselves as not being good enough. You are the best mum your child will ever have. Treasure that relationship rather than judging yourself.

I’m exhausted at 5pm, wired at 10pm and can’t function without coffee at 6am. Why? And how can I remedy this?
There are a number of nutritional, emotional and biochemical reasons why! Adrenalin is often behind that wired feeling and in modern times, what leads the body to create adrenalin? Caffeine and our perception of pressure and urgency. I’d suggest you explore both (with love).

Dr Libby Weaver[Nutritional Biochemist & best-selling author]Mums on the run also eat on the run – sometimes going without, sometimes eating kids’ leftovers, sometimes grabbing a muesli bar in the car. What does this rollercoaster eating cycle do to our bodies?

We must prioritse our nourishment; it is one of the most basic forms of self-care. Making extra portions of a nourishing dinner on Sunday and freezing them for later in the week, making a quick green smoothie (on those days where you don’t have time to ‘eat’) and snacking on raw bliss balls (nuts, seeds and small amount of fruit!) are all ways you can eat well on the go.

Exactly what does our thyroid do, and why are you speaking about it at From Surviving to Thriving?
The thyroid gland is one of the endocrine (hormone-producing) glands in the body. It manufactures thyroid hormones which are responsible for controlling the basic activity of each cell in the body, including metabolism, growth and development. Thyroid disorders are becoming increasingly common and can be hugely influential on our ability to keep warm, maintain our body weight, feel energised and experience clarity of thought.


From Surviving to Thriving comes to Queensland and Northern NSW this month. In this two-hour inspirational info session, you’ll discover everything you need to know to make positive change to your life, energy and wellness. Dr Libby explores emotional eating, sugar cravings, how to say ‘no’ even when it feels impossible, why you retain body fat in certain spots and how to manage overwhelming stress.


Brisbane, 7pm Thursday 8 September
Gold Coast, 7pm Thursday 15 September
Byron Shire (Bangalow), 7pm Monday 19 September

Tickets: $39.95 online of $45 at the door (unless sold out)

To book: www.drlibby.com


Women's Wellness Wisdom by Dr Libby Weaver hi res COVERWIN 1 of 5 tickets to Dr Libby Weaver’s Women’s Wellness Wisdom tour – As women, we can often sense or know that we need to make a change within our lives, and yet, feel helplessly lost about where to start. If you feel the desire, the longing, to live a different way this event is for you! Winners can choose the location/dates from one of these local events on Dr. Libby’s tour:

Brisbane – 8 September
Gold Coast – 15 September
Byron Bay – 19 September

Be quick as entries close Tuesday 6 September at 4pm and only winners will be notified. Tickets will be sent via emails to the winners (1 ticket per winner).

This competition has now closed.


More info // www.drlibby.com
Stockist/further info on Dr Libby’s latest book // www.drlibby.com

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