Living in Australia, where 85 per cent of the population live within 50 km of the coast, most of us already know the importance of being able to swim.

Learning to swim is a rite of passage for many Australian kids, and while the safety aspect speaks for itself, most parents aren’t aware of the full benefits swimming can bring.

Kingswim Centre Manager, Joanne Franklin says parents may stop their children’s lessons once they’re deemed ‘competent’, however maintaining regular lessons from a young age not only improves children’s swimming, it can also make them smarter.

“The early years are the prime time to learn a life skill like swimming,” Joanne says.

“We see day-in-day-out the improvements in ability and confidence with the kids who’ve been swimming with us since a young age.”

A research report from Griffith University found children who participate in early-years swimming achieve many milestones quicker than other kids – across physical, cognitive and language development.

Griffith University Professor Robyn Jorgensen said the benefits of enrolling your children in swim school early are tenfold.

“Parents usually enrol their children in swimming so they will be safer around water, but learning to swim offers much more than water safety and swim skills,” she said.

“Where there is a high-quality swimming school, children can learn more literacy and numeracy skills, can gain wonderful social skills and it can help in the school transition process.”

Extra benefits of learning to swim

  • Children gain greater literacy and numeracy skills
  • Wonderful social skills that can help in the school transition process and making new friends
  • Physical and cognitive milestones are achieved earlier
  • Ease anxiety around water before it becomes a fear of water
  • As children’s swimming skills develop, so does their level of confidence
  • Keep fit and healthy all year round (even when it’s wet and cold outside)
  • Once children know how to swim they can explore other water activities like kayaking, canoeing, surfing, scuba diving or yachting (all great family activities)

Swimming is one of the essential life skills that will stay with children forever. You never know when those skills will be needed further down the track. The lessons they receive at a young age can create a passion for swimming and open up further opportunities when they’re older.

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