The school holidays are often go, go, go, and while it’s fun to see and do as much as you can, you don’t want to get to the first day back at school and feel like you haven’t even had a break. Try these tips for slowing things down and enjoying a bit of wellbeing these school holidays.


For you:

  • ‘Nothing Much Happens’ for bedtime stories
  • ‘Sleep Whispers’ for ASMR
  • ‘Sleep Talk’ for facts about sleep
  • ‘Sleep with Help from Science’ for sleep science
  • ‘Sleep with Me’ for inducing sleep

For the kids:

  • ‘Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls’ for inspirational bedtime stories
  • ‘Be Calm on Ahway Island’ for bedtime stories
  • ‘Peace Out’ for relaxation and breathing exercises
  • ‘What If World’ for fantastical stories
  • ‘Grimms’ Fairy Tales’ for classic bedtime stories

Quiet time
The school holidays are time for spending quality time with your family, but there is definitely such thing as too much quality time. Make sure you carve out some much needed quiet time throughout these school holidays – for you and your kids. Here are some ways you could do it:

  • One-on-one activities or outings with each of your children
  • Organising a ‘kid swap’ with friends or relatives – your kids can play together, and both grown-ups can take turns having quiet time
  • Look into school holiday activities you can drop them off at
  • Set up ‘quiet games’ like puzzles, a read-a-thon or crafts
  • Bring back the nap – if your kids are getting ratty, implement time each afternoon for napping or quiet time in their bedrooms

Be mindful
Mindfulness is a valuable practice all year ‘round, but the school holidays are a particularly good time to get some mindfulness in. Make it into a game with fun mindfulness flashcards that talk you through activities like yoga, meditation and positive thinking. Mindful and Co. Kids founder Jacqueline Yeats – who has a Master of Psychotherapy and Counselling – has seen the positive effects of mindfulness activities on children first-hand.

“By making yoga and mindful practices a habit, we hope to instill a ritual of mindfulness that has a ripple effect of positivity that will not only flow into children’s lives, but their day to day interactions and relationships with family and friends,” Jacqueline says. “We give them the tools to take into scary situations, difficult relationships, big life decisions, and feel assured and safe in their choices.”

You can check out the yoga flashcards from Mindful and Co. Kids right here, or make your own with guidance from Google or Pinterest!



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