It’s 3pm. Your kids are finished with school, and you’ve got a good few hours until dinner and (hopefully) a bit of time before you need to start thinking about homework. What’s a parent to do? One of these ten after-school activities, that’s what!

Hit the skate bowl
Skating isn’t just for teenage dudes in baggy pants anymore – more kids are getting into the sport, too! Thankfully, we’re totally spoilt for choice when it comes to skate parks here in South East Queensland. Have a quick Google to find your local.

Do a craft activity
Encourage your kids to flex their creative muscles with some arts and crafts! Hit your local art store or get crafty with what you’ve already got. We’ve got heaps of artsy ideas on our website – just head here.

Milkshakes at your local
There’s no after-school activity more classic than a trip to the milk bar. Head straight to your local cafe for milkshakes right after the school pickup – the kids will seriously love you.

Beach time
Yep, you absolutely can squeeze an afternoon at the beach into your weekly routine! Have towels, togs, sunscreen and snacks packed in the back of your car when you do the school run and head straight to the beach – we can’t think of a better way to unwind from a busy day.

A walk in the park
Never underestimate the power of a simple walk in the park to boost your mood. Choose one close to your house to walk to, OR pack a picnic rug and take your homework session to the park!

Ride bikes
Get a sweat on in the funnest way. Grab your bikes and hit the roads (or rather, bike tracks) around your area for a fun, fitness-focused after school activity. You could even ride to a cafe or bakery for a special treat.

Get wet!
Splash the day off with an after-school swim if you’re lucky enough to have a backyard pool! No pool? No problem – set up the sprinkler, make your own slippery dip or fill some buckets with water for a bit of water play.

Get the kids in the kitchen and put them to work baking some tasty treats! You can enjoy them on the spot or save them for lunchboxes for the rest of the week. Maybe get them started on dinner while they’re at it?

Visit the library
Your library isn’t just an awesome place to pick up some new reads – it’s also full of tonnes of fun, free activities! Check out our full rundown of library activities right here.
* Please note with current restrictions that all Gold Coast Libraries are currently closed and Brisbane Libraries allow a 20 person limit.

Backyard (or beach) sports
Soak up the sunshine and have some fun outside! Whether you set up a volleyball or badminton net, a makeshift cricket pitch or just have a run around on the grass, your kids will love blowing off some steam before dinner (and you’ll love it, too!).



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