We’re all for a big birthday bash here at haven, but there are some years when organising and hosting a birthday extravaganza just seems like a painful task. But remember, there are plenty of low-key ways to celebrate their special day that will still provide highlights for your kids.

If you’re looking for a way to celebrate your child’s next birthday in a memorable way that doesn’t rely on weeks of preparation and organisation, here are our Top 5 ‘parties’ to have when you’re not having a party!

1. A fun day out. Most kids will daydream about skipping school to go to a theme park, so why not make that dream a reality? Birthdays during the school week can be tricky, so a day out at Australia Zoo or Movie World could be the perfect solution.

2. A weekend away. A beach or camping trip is great any time of the year. Your child will love the fact that the weekend is ‘all about them’, and you’ll love celebrating their birthday without a mob of sugar-filled children. Let them bring a friend or two or simply enjoy some quality time with the family.

3. The adventure of a lifetime. If your child is always up for an adventure and you want to give them a birthday they’ll never forget, consider arranging a helicopter ride or a swim with dolphins, for example.

4. A day of indulgence. Organise a day of pampering – think manicures, pedicures or massages. Finish with afternoon tea at a fancy hotel or restaurant. This one is a win-win. You will get some quality down time too!

5. Leave it up to them. Work out how much you would have spent on a party and tell your child that the choice is theirs! They can do whatever they want with the money – buy a present, enjoy a memorable experience or even use it for charitable purposes. Their choices might actually surprise you.



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