Whether it’s volunteering at tuckshop or reading books in the classroom, there are so many ways to help out at your child’s school. 

Of course, not every parent has an hour or two to spare each week – others just might not want to. But, for those who do and are on the fence about whether to put their name down, here are a few reasons you should.

It can improve your child’s education

Some experts believe that children whose parents volunteer at school show better signs of performance, behaviour and attendance. But the benefits don’t just stop with your own child. According to UCLA, “Available evidence suggests that when adult volunteers are present, students see that adults take school and education seriously and respect learning. This promotes positive attitudes toward school.”

It’s an invaluable bonding opportunity

Your child spends the majority of their waking hours at school, so it has a huge impact on their life. By spending even a small amount of time at school with them each week, you’ll be gaining a shared experience that gives you something special in common. When they grow up, you’ll also be a fond part of their memories of school.

You’ll be better connected to their school

It really does take a village, and by volunteering at school, you’ll not only become closer to your child but also to their classmates and teacher. You’ll see how your child interacts with their peers and be able to work with your child’s teacher to address any concerns you might have. It really is the best way to feel connected to your child’s learning.

Your child will learn from you

Children who have regular contact with adult volunteers are also more aware of the importance of volunteering. Be sure to explain and emphasis why you enjoy helping out at your child’s school when you’re at home – that it makes you feel good to help others, it’s a valuable way to spend your time, and that you like seeing the positive difference you can make.

It’s empowering…

… For all of the above reasons! Whether it’s reading in the classroom, helping in your child’s swimming lessons or serving food at tuckshop, choose a volunteering activity that suits your strengths – it’s a great way to feel more confident about your skills. Research also shows that people who volunteer stress less, leading to a wealth of health benefits.

So, really, why wouldn’t you make the time to volunteer at your child’s school?!



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