Cubby Care knows the importance of a child’s early years which is why they’ve incorporated leading early start programs in their offering.

We all know that our child’s physical and mental development starts from a young age – that’s why many of us were told that we couldn’t give up those dreaded but “important” dance lessons, piano classes or team sports in primary school.

But did you know that the foundations for hand- eye coordination, fine and gross motor skills, and imagination and creativity can start to be laid before your child’s first birthday?

Let’s start with the physical stuff. Planned physical activity in the early years is as much about developing healthy attitudes as it is about hand-eye coordination and gross motor skill development.

A study by the Federal Government recommends that toddlers (aged one to three years) and pre-schoolers (aged three to five) should be physically active for three hours throughout the day, every day, while infants under one should be encouraged to take part in daily physical activities like supervised floor-based play.

Along with regular exercise, children can benefit greatly from learning a language – even as early as three-years-old! While most of us think that learning another language is something for older kids, recent studies indicate that the best time for a child to learn another language is in the first four years of life. During these years the foundations of thinking, language and attitudes are all laid.

According to research, the trillions of connections in a baby’s brain decline as they grow, meaning that the early years are the best time for children to learn through doing and having fun in a relaxed environment.

Creative arts like music, dance and drama are also fundamental in early childhood development – they ensure that learning is fun and engaging while forming strong connections between the body and the brain.

Studies show that music helps children learn more effectively, developing social and emotional skills like self-confidence, collaboration and sharing, along with creativity and fine and gross motor skills – it truly is a channel through which all cognitive content can be taught.

With this information in mind, Cubby Care Early Learning Tarragindi offers Early Start Programs to provide specialised learning for little ones, delivered by professionals.

“It’s a really cool program for the children, encouraging a variety of sports and other skills to develop our children’s awareness, health and team work,” says Cubby Care Tarragindi centre manager Kate Edwards.

Cubby Care aims to enhance programs under the Early Years Learning Frameworks, while being committed to Goal 2 of the Melbourne Declaration by supporting all young Australians to become successful learners, confident and creative individuals and active and informed citizens.

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