It’s been more than a month since we all chinked glasses at the stroke of midnight on Dec 31 and wished our nearest and dearest the best for a wonderful 2019. Did you make a New Year’s resolution this year? And are you sticking to it? Here are the New Year’s resolutions of some of haven’s friends, in case you need some inspiration – it’s never too late!

Daniel Rich, Brisbane Lions star: Be a better dad and husband. Laugh more. Don’t sweat the little things.

Well Nourished blogger and naturopath Georgia Harding: My New Year’s resolution is to ‘switch off’ tech from 6pm at the latest each night.

Be a Fun Mum blogger Kelly Burstow: To walk more in the early evenings.

haven magazine editor Belinda Glindemann: To commit to Thursdays out of the office (and enjoy all the flow-on effects of giving myself a day off in the week) and to also wear more lipstick.

haven magazine editorial assistant Anny White: To learn how to sew and not buy any non-essentials (see page 12 of our Feb/Mar issue for more on that!).

Tom Swapp, Executive Chef, Pony Dining: I set myself one for each of the four most important aspects of my life. Home: Take my dog on more walks, for her benefit. And mine! Work: Use less paper and disposable products. Relationships: Go on more dates (with my girlfriend). Health: Make eating a healthy breakfast a priority. Wish me luck!

New host of Triple M Brisbane’s The Big Breakfast, Nick Cody: Younger me would have listed “See more of the world” and “Get fitter” as my New Year’s resolutions. However, as a recent first time dad with a brekkie radio job who also performs stand-up most nights, I’ve taken a much more relaxed approach to 2019. My resolutions for this year are simply “Hold on to your average rig, sleep when you can and don’t leave the house unless absolutely necessary”.

haven contributor Debbie Hogg: To bring all of my juggling plates into two lovely even stacks – a business stack and a pleasure/fun stack! Going to make it happen because balance is the key to a joyful life.

Co-host of GOLD FM’s The Rush Hour (wife of NRL legend Corey Parker, and mum of four), Margaux Parker: Don’t worry, be happy.

haven mag publisher Keeley O’Connor: To prioritise my fitness – move it daily! To take quarterly weekends away + more vacations in general.



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