How do we learn to love ourselves?

It’s a question you may never have been asked, but have no doubt grappled with since you were a little girl.

Even when you’ve got the most supportive family, the best friends and every opportunity, it’s easy to feel lost in the face of the big, wide world.

Social pressure, self-image, physical health, relationships, confidence – you name it, you’ve probably struggled with it.

But why?

It all comes down to a lack of empowerment. Growing up is scary, and girls aren’t always given the foothold they need to thrive.

It’s that foothold – a major gap in our education system – that The Big Sister Experience is carving out for Aussie girls. 

Founders of The Big Sister Experience, Bianca and Kritz Sciessere, taught in classrooms, coached, counselled and mentored for years. Over time, they realised something: no matter where they live or how they’re raised, most girls have the same struggles.

Bianca and Kritz knew they needed a more holistic approach to empowerment.

Through The Big Sister Experience, they teach young women about life, equipping them with the skills and knowledge they need to boost their self-confidence, self-awareness and resilience.

 “When a girl gains confidence in one area, it tends to catch on in other areas of her life,” says Bianca. “That’s why we work on forming a foundation that the girls will naturally build on as they exercise their new skills.”

It’s all about having those real world conversations with young girls that educators just won’t have: sex, drugs, alchohol and selfies on social media, just to name a few. It’s a safe place to be open and honest, where girls can voice their questions and concerns about these topics. The sisters listen, don’t judge, but do offer harsh, real advice on consequences for different actions and scenarios. They are tough, but nurturing – like only true big sisters are.

But the Big Sister Experience isn’t all about hugging, dancing it out and shouting affirmations at the sky (though there’s plenty of that!). The Big Sisters lead their “little sisters” through a carefully crafted range of key life skills, from mental resilience through to resume-writing.

The Big Sister Experience in-school program is a custom created life-ed presentation with lots of high-energy interaction and activities. The Big Sisters guide each group of girls through the program with a focus on mental wellbeing, confidence and self-love. The session is grounded in research and real-life experience, and absolutely brimming with positivity.

“There’s a real need in our education system for life-ed but it seems to have slipped through the cracks,” says Kritz. “We want to change that, and we think empowering young women is a great place to start.”

The Big Sister Experience plan on helping 100,000 girls through their program by 2028 – that’s 100,000 girls of today who will be empowered to become the confident, informed women of tomorrow, living their very best lives.




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