For no real reason other than ‘just because’, Australia is home to more than 150 big things. From a golden guitar to a barramundi, and even a fully-functioning pair of headphones, there are plenty of big things that you can add to your to-do list these school holidays – some in our own backyard.


The Big Prawn, Ballina

Originally built in 1989, Ballina’s Big Prawn was originally built in 1989, standing at 9m high and weighing 35,000kg – and that’s before the tail was added during its 2013 makeover! Be sure to taste some of the local fresh seafood when you stop by the Big Prawn, which is one of Australia’s most iconic ‘big things’.


The Big Banana, Coffs Harbour

It’s definitely further than a day trip, but a drive to see Coffs Harbour’s Big Banana is certainly a memorable one. More than just a ‘big thing’, the Big Banana is the mascot for the Big Banana Fun Park, which offers waterslides, ice skating, mini golf and more banana-based treats than you can sink your teeth into. Plus, you can stop in at our next ‘big thing’ on the way down…


Biggest geodes, Crystal Castle

The home of the biggest crystals in the world, Crystal Castle is truly one-of-a-kind. Visit the world’s tallest geodes in the Shambhala Gardens – the 5.5m tall smoky quartz crystals are appropriately named the ‘Crystal Guardians’ – or explore the Enchanted Cave, the world’s largest amethyst cave weighing in at more than 20,000kg.


The Big Pineapple, Woombye

Ever wanted to climb a giant pineapple? Of course you have! Visit the Sunshine Coast’s most photographed ‘big thing’ at the Sunshine Plantation for delicious pineapple treats, a ride on the pineapple heritage train and the best view from a pineapple in the world (at least, we’re pretty sure it is!).


Big dinosaurs, QLD Museum

There is so much to see inside the Queensland Museum in Brisbane’s CBD, but the giant dinosaurs that guard the outside entrance are perhaps the most memorable. A life-size Tyrannosaurus Rex and Triceratops can be found in ENERGEX Playasaurus Place, and have been there since the 1970s. Fun fact: both dinosaurs were shipped over from New York and had to be reassembled upon arrival at the museum.



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