Acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine are growing in acceptance as successful treatments for infertility, pregnancy and beyond. The Cycle of Life at Robina on the Gold Coast specialises in pre- and post-natal and paediatric acupuncture.


We got right to the ‘point’ with Head Practitioner and Owner, Samantha Harris, who says, “Pregnancy is an exciting time that should be enjoyed and worry free.  Acupuncture is a safe and gentle way that can effectively treat any complaints that may arise. This is fortunate as many western medications are not to be taken during pregnancy.   In the last trimester, acupuncture can prepare you for a positive, natural and calm birth experience and a reduced labour time. This in turn reduces the need for pain relief, inductions, epidurals and cesareans.”


Got ‘prickly’ questions about acupuncture and fertility? We got answers! Read on for more from Samantha:


How can acupuncture help couples suffering from infertility?

Fertility acupuncture can help the body to overcome underlying imbalances that may keep a couple from conceiving. Acupuncture also improves egg quality, healthy reproductive circulation, a healthy uterine lining, hormonal and menstrual balance, sperm health, shape, count and numbers and can help to manage the stress involved.


How can acupuncture help throughout the pregnancy journey?

Acupuncture is a safe and effective therapy from the first trimester till delivery ‘time’. During the first trimester, especially the first weeks, acupuncture can assist to prevent miscarriage by promoting a healthier environment in the uterus for the embryo as well as assuring the mother is in the best health state.   During pregnancy, acupuncture can help treat nausea, back pain, fluid retention, overdue labor and can assist new mums with recovering from birth.


What about couples using IVF? Is acupuncture recommended to support western fertility treatments?

Traditional Chinese medicine has a long history with helping couples conceive.   But it was the clinical acupuncture trials that were done assisting with IVF that really made the world sit up and take another look at this ancient medicine.  In 2001 it was published in the British Medical Journal, one of the most prestigious industry journals in the world, that acupuncture performed directly before and directly after embryo transfer increased the chances of pregnancy by 30 – 60%. We use the latest evidenced based treatment protocols and strategies and work with many of the doctors and clinics on the coast.


Do you treat other conditions besides fertility at The Cycle of Life?

98% of our clientele visit The Cycle of Life for fertility, IVF support and pregnancy treatment.  The clinic practitioners are fertility acupuncture specialists. While we mainly treat within this field we are happy to receive referrals from our clients when family members or friends have other ailments.


More: www.thecycleoflife.com.au




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