Diets, chances are you know of someone who is currently on one. Maybe it’s your friends, a family member, your partner or even yourself who has taken a stab in the dark to try and improve your body. You may have come across such diets like the Atkins diet, Paleo diet, lemon water diet… The list is literally endless. Whether they are a fad or beneficial to the body, they are everywhere and new ones continue to surface. Some of them do work, but for how long? Are they a quick fix and based only on short term success? The truth is that many of them disappear due to lack of results.


While celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Jennifer Aniston have only just recently attributed their great physiques to what is called an alkalising diet, Gold Coast company Morlife has been researching such a diet for years, which has led them in developing their ‘Hero Product’; Alkalising Greens pH7.3.


This potent alkalising greens supplement helps to increase alkalinity within our bodies; naturally obtained from the digestion of fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds. It also allows us to rebalance our bodies from our typical diet; usually rich in acid forming foods like processed food, red meat and sugar. This greens supplement is the most comprehensive alkalising product on the international market and aims to provide people with a more energetic, confident, less stressed life.


ag-skyscrape image (1)We all know that eating more greens is good for us, but do we know why? The answer lies in our digestive system. When we eat food, it either leaves an acid or an alkaline residue after digestion. In our busy, fast-paced lifestyles it is hard to maintain a healthy, balanced diet; so we tend to indulge in foods which do leave an acidic residue. This acidic residue exposes us to energy loss, stress, sickness, disease, affects our quality of sleep and can also lead to weight gain.  Our current diet consists of 70% acidifying foods and 30% alkalising foods, this diet MUST change in order for us to function properly.


To quantify the alkalising potency of a food, a specialised PRAL measurement is used. A positive PRAL reading indicates an acid-forming food and in contrast, a negative PRAL reading indicates an alkalising result. To demonstrate the PRAL value we can compare raw spinach; measuring at -11.8, compared to Swiss cheese which is +21.3. Alkalising Greens Ph7.3 has a PRAL reading of -57 which indicates it is highly alkalising.


After taking the supplement consumers reported that they were less stressed, had more energy, felt trim and remarkably don’t crave chocolate biscuits anymore. Alkalising Greens certainly meets the greens market trend which is currently taking the world by storm and provides the unique answer to wellness and alkalising.


If you want to start kicking goals in 2015, make the change to an alkaline diet with Alkalising Greens ph7.3 which can be combined with the 30 Day Alkalising Challenge. You will receive eating plans, recipes, shopping lists and ongoing support from Morlifes in-house Naturopath and a Nutritionist, available through www.alkalisinggreens.com.


This diet makes sense, as the foods fit the need for the body to be alkaline at Ph7.3; the way it was built to function optimally. You will soon appreciate that switching to a more alkaline diet is beneficial for long term health and wellness, ensuring a more confident, energetic 2015.


Words: Bianca van Elteren




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