The first 20 minutes of your day.

Have you ever stopped long enough to consider how you’re spending them? And why it matters?

As a long-standing, natural early riser (#5amclub, anyone?) I’m a firm believer that how we start our day can be absolutely crucial to our wellbeing and success.

Even if you’re not a morning person – whatever time you choose to face the world – harnessing the first 20 minutes and investing them wisely can make a marked difference to your day.

By creating simple habits that we can implement daily, it will lead to greater health, wellbeing and success in the short and long-term.

It goes without saying that spending the first 20 minutes of your day hitting ‘snooze’, groggily scrolling through social media, or watching negative news on morning TV may not be the healthiest habits for us.

Side note… in fact, hitting the snooze button to grab those extra few minutes of sleep can often make you feel more tired, and often more stressed and anxious as you start the day feeling rushed.

Refocusing and making some defined decisions about how you use the first 20 minutes of your day helps you prioritise the investment in your health and wellbeing, before the day takes over.

Here’s a few activities to consider investing in, within the first 20 minutes of your day, that could boost your mood and adjust your trajectory. I speak from trial, error and experience!

1. Exercise.
We’ve all heard it before – exercising in the morning can help kick-start your day the right way. Exercise helps centre us, releases endorphins to help boost our wellbeing and overall feelings of happiness. Research also shows that those who exercise first thing in the morning can be more likely to stick to their routines, helping them achieve their health goals faster.

2. Meditate.
Setting aside some quiet time for meditation and self-reflection can bring a great peace to your day. I find beginning my morning with a calm approach helps me to reduce stress and anxiety, and handle the inevitable frustrations or problems the day might throw my way.

3. Read.
Consider what material you’re reading when you first wake up. Sometimes checking our emails or scanning social media first-thing can be detrimental to our mental health. Many successful people devote 20 minutes or more to reading every day – developing skills, passions, interests and general knowledge. The investment in reading books that enhance your life will pay off!

4. Write down your goals daily.
Authors of the wildly successful ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ series, Jack Canfield and Brian Tracey, attribute much of their success to the habit of writing down their major goals daily. Taking a few minutes daily to write down your goals can help prioritise your day, keeping the most important things in your life top of mind.

These are some of the investments I’ve made in the first 20 minutes of my day, over the years, that have become part of my success strategies.

What are some of yours?

Sally Thibault

Sally Thibault  

Sally Thibault is a mum, podcast host, speaker, author & international trainer, with a Dip. Prof. Counselling, ADAPEF. She is passionate about helping women aged over 50 reclaim their purpose, power and passion in life. Heard regularly on radio stations across Queensland, Sally has also been featured in Prevention Magazine, Fitness Pro Magazine and is in-demand internationally as a speaker and trainer. The 2&20 Principle ebook and guide by Sally Thibault is available online via her website // www.sallythibault.com.au