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Coconut oil – it’s back in flavour and the world of nutrition has at last embraced this age-old tropical fruit. So here are some of the reasons coconut oil has become the champion of all dietary fats.

It is heat stable Unlike many ‘vegetable oils,’ it doesn’t form trans-fatty acids when exposed to even very high temperatures. So it’s a safe oil to consume and the very best oil to cook with. the most beneficial grade of coconut oil is raw, unrefined or virgin oil. if taste is a problem, i find certain brands are milder than others, so shop around.

It gives you more energy and helps you lose weight Coconut oil is made up of medium chain saturated fatty acids (mCFAs). Your body metabolises mCFAs in the liver, immediately converting them into fuel (energy) for your body (and brain), rather than them being stored as fat. mCFA’s are small molecules and easily digested, placing less strain on your digestive system than other forms of fat. they also increase your metabolic rate which leads to weight loss.

Stimulates an under-active thyroid mCFAs stimulate the functioning of your thyroid gland which in turn stimulates your metabolism.

It is fabulous for your immune system the principle mCFAs in coconut oil are capric and lauric acid. Lauric acid is a fat rarely found in nature, though it is found in human breast milk. it has unique health promoting properties and is known to be anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal (great for candida infection) and anti-protozoal (eg. giardia infection).

It prevents blood sugar driven energy slumps and stops sugar cravings Firstly, because it is so satisfying, you won’t feel like reaching for the lolly jar. the energy delivered by coconut oil is the slow release kind which stabilises blood sugar levels, leaving you craving free.

It’s anti-inflammatory Because it speeds up your body’s metabolic rate, your immune system functions more efficiently and you are able to heal and regenerate cells more efficiently. this equates to less inflammation overall.

It’s a great form of skincare It strengthens the skin and connective tissue, preventing signs of ageing. it is also exfoliating so your skin will look and feel smoother. try it as a makeup remover or top to toe moisturiser, it’s so lovely. it also has a very low SPF which is always a bonus. other claims about coconut oil include using it as a treatment for acne, psoriasis, dermatitis, dandruff, keratosis pilaris and cold sores.

So, what more is there to say, the stuff’s good for you! I would consume about 2-3 tablespoons a day (in cooking or as part of a snack, even straight out of the jar). You can use it wherever you would normally use an oil or fat.

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