There’s a few things you need to know when it comes to dressing for the warmer months. Do you always feel frumpy or don’t know how to layer property. Here are my top tips for dressing warm but cute this winter.

Firstly, you need to be aware of you body shape and how you can accentuate your best features. My most important tip would be to dress thinnest fabric to thickest being; turtle neck, knitwear then jacket or trench. Buy yourself a turtle neck or skivvy in a few colours or even sheer as this will help to make your outfit a little more exciting than plain black. Just because it’s winter and cold doesn’t mean you should avoid colours.

It is important to note that if you are wearing baggy bottoms you should wear a tighter or more structured top/ jacket on top and vice versa. This is an all year round tip and not just winter. Say you’re wearing a pair of mum or boyfriend jeans, instead of wearing a loose fitted thick jumper opt for a thinner knit with a leather jacket. You might even want to try tucking the front of the knit into your jeans to give yourself a waist so you don’t look boxy.

Now onto stockings, which are my favourite accessory this season. Sure the thick thermal stockings are great and keep you ever so warm but have you tried a black transparent pair? In my opinion every female should have a pair in her wardrobe as they are great under dresses, skirts and shorts and keep you feeling sexy but protecting your legs from the cold. Layer a pair of high waisted leather shorts with transparent stockings and topping it off with a chunky knit tucked it at the waist. If you wore the same pair of high waisted leather shorts with opaque stocking and wore the same knit without tucking it in, you would get an entirely different look.

My last (but not least) tip is to be aware of where your jackets and pants cut off. This goes hand in hand with knowing your body shape. For most women our biggest part is our hips and backside so jackets should cut off before or after this part or synch in at the waist which is our smallest part. As for jeans think of where they start, high waisted is always much more flattering as apposed to low rider which sit on the hips (biggest part). Where they finish at the leg all depends of what style jean or pant they are but a rule of thumb is to cuff the bottom so you can see a few centimetres of skin. This will help proportion your body and make you look slimmer than if the pant was touching the boot or even going in the boot.

Happy layering!

* All images via Pinterest

Shannon Doyle

Shannon Doyle  

With over six years in the fashion industry, Shannon has quickly become one of Brisbane and the Gold Coast’s most in-demand stylists. Working alongside Kimberly Gardner for the last four years, for Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival, The Ekka Natural Fibres Fashions Parade, Destination Gold Coast and various industry experts, Shannon has seen her career skyrocket, but still stays true to her passion - helping clients express themselves through their style. No stranger to bold and funky looks, Shannon can show you how to dress for your body shape, explain your complimentary colours and inspire you to try something new // www.instagram.com/shannondoyleee