What are your favourite memories from your childhood, an what aspects of your childhood do you hope your kids don’t miss out on now that times have changed? We asked some notable radio mums around town, and here’s what they had to say…

Moyra Major

Every Sunday growing up, anticipation would start building in our house early in the afternoon. We would all start getting ready for the week, but everything would stop at 6pm – dinner would be served and the TV would be turned around to face us from the lounge room (this was back in the day when the TV had wheels and the remote had a cord on it!). The stars would twinkle on the screen, then the shot would pan down through the clouds and all of a sudden you could see the top of a flag and then a castle. Fireworks exploded on the screen and then the words “Walt Disney” would sparkle. It was the Magical World of Disney – a Disney movie every Sunday night! I used to live for that moment… We were allowed to eat and watch TV at the same time! Now, my kids have Netflix, Foxtel, DVDs, YouTube and while I’m glad they don’t still have the old-school TV on wheels and the remote with the cord, I still make them yell “Castle, Castle, Castle!” at the beginning of a Disney movie.

Abby Coleman

I grew up with a large conservation park behind our house, complete with a lighthouse. My brothers and I, along with the children in the neighbourhood, would leave after breakfast for adventures in the park and would not return until dinner time. We would slide down hills and collect sticks and lay on our backs in the soursop weeds and tell stories. I know times have changed and you could never let the kids wander off the way we did, but I’d love my children to have the same outdoor adventures. After it rains I’ll make sure I pack three towels in the car with a change of clothes for my three boys and when I pick them up from school we will drive somewhere like a creek to look for tadpoles and jump in muddy puddles. My mum never said “Don’t get dirty,” so I’ll never say that to my boys.

Margaux Parker

I was lucky enough to grow up with the grass under my feet as a kid. We lived on acreage in Tanah Merah and I remember a life of playing in the backyard with my sister and brother, along with the other kids in the street. We swam, rode our bikes, played chase, picked mangoes from the tree in the old lady’s yard next door and we chased plovers (while running to seek shelter behind trees!). With technology and screens becoming the centre of our universe, I worry that my children won’t have the freedoms we had. To learn things first hand or the hard way, as opposed to Googling something. To stay innocent, without being over-exposed to constant information. And the emotional capacity to hold strong their self worth and value in a world defined by a need for validation and self-absorption.



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