Forget everything you thought you knew about tattoos – Bondi Ink star and Australia’s top female tattooist, Teneile Napoli is dishing everything you need to know about getting inked after kids.

If you’ve ever been tempted by a tattoo, or maybe want to add to your existing collection, know that tonnes of mums (and dads!) get inked every single day.

“We have so many mothers come to see us,” says Teneile, who recently relocated her studio Garage Ink Manor to Palm Beach. “Being an all female studio, where half of our artists are mothers themselves, we create a lovely environment for parents to come in, share stories and a good laugh about parenthood, and create their perfect piece.”

Unsurprisingly, Teneile says most mums opt for ink that represents their children or their family. They will typically chat to the artist to come up with a tribute that reminds them of their kids, whether it’s their birth flower, their names or a full realistic portrait or story told through a sleeve.

“I always have so many ideas for ways parents can commemorate their children,” saysa Teneile. “Normally, I like to have an understanding of what the client is wanting to express, and get a feel for their individual story.

“For that reason, I would definitely suggest teaming up with a great artist who cares and wants to do the best they can for each and every client.”

If you’re stuck for inspiration, Teneile says Pinterest is her go-to.

“I can get lost scrolling Pinterest for hours!” says Teneile. “But honestly, inspiration can come from anywhere.”

Most studios have social media showcasing a vast folio of work by each artist, including a way to get in touch. Garage Ink, for example, helps connect clients with the artist that is best suited for the piece they want.

“We do a lot of first time tattoos, and not just on mums,” says Teneile. “We often tattoo 18-year-olds whose parents bring them in for their first ink, as they feel it’s a safe and caring environment for their child. They tell their kids, ‘If you must, then I’m taking you to Garage Ink,’ and we are always incredibly honoured.”

And while your experience and rate will differ from studio to studio, there are some key indicators that you should look out for when deciding where to get inked.

“Quality, speed and the popularity of the artist will all influence the rate, and a higher price normally means the artist is very talented and sought after,” says Teneile. “Remember that a day rate or hourly rate which sits at the lower end of the price range may mean they’re struggling for clientele and quite slow, which could end up taking much longer and costing you more.

But, in saying that, there are many up and coming artists who aren’t as known or experienced, who can still create good quality pieces. It’s all about doing your research.”

Teneile’s top tip: make sure you have a clear understanding of the aftercare process before you leave the studio, as it will vary from place to place.

If you want to learn more about Teneile and the Garage Ink team, head to www.garageink.com.au.



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