Let me guess, you are thinking landing pages, lead magnets, more pipelines, google reviews, lead generation tactics, a social media plan or something similar. Whilst these are all imperative, I am afraid you would be heading down the wrong track.

The Number 1 Strategy EVERY business needs is a CONNECTION STRATEGY. I am finding more and more it is the one missing piece from most organisation’s toolboxes.

Here are the sorts of questions you want to be asking yourself and your team:

  • How can we connect our Company’s vision to our Organisational strategy?
  • How do we connect our Organisational strategy to our values and our people?
  • How can we connect our organisational strategies to our marketing strategies?
  • How do we connect all of this to our audience of potential clients?
  • How do I continue to develop and foster the connection?

You see, if you don’t answer the questions above first, then your marketing team doesn’t even know where to start when it comes to targeting your ideal client. It’s important to re-engineer the process backwards.

Let me give you an example:

If you are looking to sell a franchise do you simply throw out an ad on Facebook and hope to God that the right person will see it and come running – of course not!!!

Here’s what you need to be doing:

  1. Create a brand awareness video around your product – remember people buy based on emotion and justify with logic, so you are going to want to look at the underlying reasons why people would want to buy your franchise. Perhaps they want to get out of the corporate world, they want financial freedom, they are looking for entrepreneurship – the list goes on.
  2. If a person is interested in that video then you target them for the next level – what objections do they have, for example, what support will you provide, what return on investment will they receive, what training is on offer – all those things that would stop them from looking further.
  3. Still with you, still interested? Then give them more – paint the picture of the better life – the dream of what life can be like.

Now here’s where I see businesses going wrong – they don’t have any call to actions along the journey. You want to send them onto a landing page where they can learn more, you want to have them click a call back button, you want to make it easier for them to keep the excitement going and therefore take action!

Here’s another piece of gold – it takes 5 – 12 touch points before the client is ready to buy so if you stop with what I have above, they still won’t buy. You see this is why Branding is so very important – where’s the backup credibility, where’s the proof, where’s all the reasons why they should proceed!

I find most organisations are giving up way too early and therefore losing the sale or losing the customer. Let’s be honest, marketing in today’s marketplace may seem more time consuming than ever – however that is simply because organisations and marketing teams are not clear on the following areas:

  1. What is the end result desired (it needs to be measurable and trackable)?
  2. Who is the ideal client who will help us achieve that result (specifically)?
  3. How many of these ideal clients do I need to achieve it?
  4. Where are they and how do I attract them?
  5. How often and with what do I need to “touch point” them and where will I do that?
  6. Once they come, what journey do I take them on so they convert?
  7. Once they have converted what do I do with them?
Michelle O'Hara

Michelle O'Hara  

Michelle O’Hara, Business owner of 14 years, Business & Marketing strategist, International speaker and most importantly mother of 2 amazing young humans, is passionate about changing the way people run their businesses. She knows Branding & Marketing has changed in the last 10 years and has a gift of pinpointing and packaging up business’s unique points of difference. When it comes to creating and implementing strategic branding, marketing and sales strategies to promote products and services that attract all the right clients, she gets excited as the integrated “WOW customer experience” processes and “keep in touch” strategies keep clients coming back for more and more // www.ohmarketing.com.au