The Party Food Challenge

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Is it possible to make fun food that is good for you? Can you really create healthy food for a kids party?  Well if I’ve got anything to do with it…absolutely.

Party food is synonymous with an overload of sugar, additives, colours, flavours and preservatives all resulting in a bunch of crazed kids destroying your home.  Let’s face it, we’ve all been there but it doesn’t need to be this way.

With so many allergic and additive sensitive kids about, it’s time we learned to cater for some ‘healthy’  kids party fun.  Many of the ingredients and additives found in party and treat food are irreversibly damaging to your kids health.  Whilst I’m all for deliciousness in life, I don’t believe our kids need to pay a price for the privilege.

Creating healthy party food will involve rolling up your sleeves and donning the apron, but it’s worth the effort and the kids will enjoy getting involved too!  It will also involve shopping additive smart.  Here’s how…

So first up, it’s not all sweet stuff.  Include a little protein on the table to quell the sugar high and fill them up.  My favourite way to do this is by making my own sausage rolls or mini meatballs or little hamburgers.  Mini quiches or meat filled sandwiches are simple and good too.  These are much healthier, additive free alternatives to cheerios (shudder) or bought sausage rolls.

Make you own cakes, cookies or sweet treats.  Ditch packet mixes with their many carcinogenic additives and get baking with whole food basics like cocoa, flour, eggs, butter and milk!  I love substituting wheat flour with spelt flour and sugar with rapadura.  Both can be directly substituted and offer much more nutrition than their refined friends.

Present fruit in interesting ways.  For example, kids are more likely to eat a fruit if it’s on a skewer or cut into shapes.

Now for the junk and the safest, additive free alternatives are:

  • Nutella on bread, not fairy bread (sorry to all the little girls who’s pretty party hopes I’ve dashed.  My daughter has survived, and so will you)!
  • Plain, salted chips or corn chip are additive free.  Avoid anything cheese flavoured.
  • For decorating cakes and filling party bags include maltesers, plain Freddo frogs, milk bottles, natural liquorice, any form of plain chocolate bars or additive free lollies.  At my kids parties I have given out cake pops or even a small book or keyring, instead of party bags.

So for your next child’s birthday celebration, avoid dosing your children and their friends up on dangerous additives and sugar.  They will still have a great time and their parents will be sure to thank you too.

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