The Commonwealth Games is the hottest topic on the Gold Coast right now and the Queen’s Baton Relay plays a big part in the games. 

If you’re anything like me you might have thought the Queen’s Baton Relay was a short event happening in the couple of days (maybe even a week) in the lead up to the Commonwealth Games next month. I’ve since discovered that I was actually very wrong.

The Queen’s Baton Relay is actually a big deal in the Commonwealth Games.

So what on Earth is it?
The Queen’s Baton Relay is a Commonwealth Games’ tradition, celebrating the Commonwealth’s diversity and inspiring community pride before the Commonwealth comes together for its world-class festival of sports and culture to come.

The relay started a year ago at Buckingham Palace when the Queen herself placed her message for the Commonwealth Games inside of the Baton.

This year’s Queen’s Baton Relay is the longest and most accessible in history, travelling through the entire Commonwealth for 388 days and 230,000km.

In Australia, the Queen’s Baton will traverse 40,000km, travelling through every state and territory for 100 days with around 3,800 batonbearers who will carry the Queen’s baton across the country.

So how big is the Commonwealth?
The commonwealth includes 53 countries (including Australia) across the globe and has a landmass of almost 30 million square kilometers. It is also home to just less than three billion people.

The Queen’s Baton has already been passed between thousands of people since March 17 last year. It has travelled across Africa, the Caribbean, the Americas, Europe, Asia and Oceania, building excitement for the Commonwealth Games.

The Queen’s Baton arrives on the Gold Coast for the XXI Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony on April 4, where HRH The Prince of Wales will remove Her Majesty’s message from the Baton and read it aloud to declare the Games open.



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