I’m blessed to be in a place in my life right now where I can truly appreciate all levels of motherhood. I am a very grateful daughter. I am a very grateful mum. I have fond and still vivid memories of my own (late) grandma and I am a joyous bystander witnessing the incomparable delight of the grandma/grandkids relationship that exists between those most important people in my own life.

This year, 2018 will mark my 12th official Mother’s Day, although I’ve been celebrating my own mother on this auspicious annual day for 40 years now. I often say to my husband that I don’t really care for birthday or Christmas presents these days – you get to a point in your life where you simply go out and get yourself the things you really want. But when it comes to Mother’s Day, a heartfelt gift is non-negotiable under my roof. I tell those family members of mine (quite often!) that while being a mum is the most privileged and amazing role, it is also the most undervalued. And if you’re a working mum, multiply that by 50. So if you want to show your appreciation and gratitude for all the folding, ironing, cleaning, tidying, organising, feeding, thinking, planning, driving, driving and driving we do, well, do it with a meaningful thankyou gift.

So, dear readers, I bring you haven’s list of the Top 5 things a family might think mum wants for Mother’s Day and what she actually wants…

  • Slippers. OK, yes, it’s getting cold by the time Mother’s Day rolls around each year but don’t buy us another pair of slippers. Give us a book of hand-written vouchers for 10 x 20-minute feet massages in the loungeroom, in front of the TV, that we can cash in whenever we desperately need them.


  • Winter PJs. Same thinking as above. Yes, the winter chill has just started to descend on us but, no, we don’t need another set of flanelette PJs like the shop catalogues will have you think. Give us a guarantee that you all will pitch in and do all the laundry for the remainder of the month of May. Holy smokes, just typing that gives me excited tingles!


  • Kitchen appliances. Do. Not. Buy. Me. Anything. That. Plugs. Into. A. Kitchen. Powerpoint. EVER. On. Mother’s. Day. I don’t want your flashy appliance. I just want you to pitch in and help in the kitchen.


  • A restaurant meal. OK, truth be known, I love eating out at nice places. But, dear offspring, this Mother’s Day, I don’t want to eat fancy food around strangers. I want to eat straight from a picnic basket that you have organised, on a picnic rug that you have found with your own eyes in our storage cupboard, in a location that you have carefully considered, playing the games that you have packed for us. And I just want to be surrounded by you guys and all your crazy fun.


  • Fancy jewellery. I will be the first to tell you that my weakness is jewellery. And the family knows it. I’ve been blessed with Tiffany blue boxes for most of my own 12 Mother’s Day. But, as my kids have gotten older, I’m actually aching for just one more macaroni necklace. Sounds weird, I know. But I also know that mums of tweens and teens will comprehend…

Whatever it is you decide to give us this Mother’s Day, make sure it comes gift wrapped with a handwritten note telling us how much we mean to you. Mother’s Day is that one day when you need to celebrate (and/or commemorate) those special females in your life – whether that’s your mum, your grandma, your aunty, your friend, your neighbour or some other form of matriarch in your world.

And don’t forget – she’d probably also love some French toast in bed, with a cup of English Breakfast tea, the Sunday newspapers and 60 minutes of uninterrupted reading time. Or is that just me?



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