With a few still going through the highs and lows of quarantine, we’re sharing 15 fun things to do from home with the kids to keep your family (and your sanity) healthy.

  1. Play an old school game, like one of these.
  2. Turn off the lights, download a disco ball app and turn up the music for a dance party.
  3. Get the kids learning online – we’ve listed a tonne of amazing resources.
  4. Save water from your shower to have a water fight in the backyard.
  5. Craft and play with materials from your own backyard – here are some ideas.
  6. Throw a slumber party in your living room, or camp in the backyard.
  7. Get cooking! These no-bake recipes are great for kids.
  8. Make a time capsule, and include letters about what it was like in quarantine.
  9. Declutter with the kids – these tips from a KonMari Master Consultant are super useful.
  10. Split into teams and throw a ‘Mini Olympics’ in the backyard – whoever wins the most games (it could be Twister, ring toss or Red Rover), wins!
  11. Cultivate your kids’ green thumbs with these tips.
  12. Blast some music as you do chores around the house – Mary Poppins may have been onto something…
  13. Have a home movie marathon with these binge-worthy shows and movies.
  14. Make a meal using random ingredients from your pantry – websites like www.supercook.com generate recipes for you!
  15. Chat with family and friends (near and far) – these are the apps and websites we’re loving.


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