Haven uncovers the person behind the “mum” tag. Sometimes it’s hard to remember who you were BC (Before Children) and with less time for you now that you have a family in tow, reconnect with us.


Sam Hughes // Mum to Havana (8) and Jonah (7) with partner Jonathan


What do you actually do now?

I manage the City’s Active & Healthy Program and activation of parklands, along with being Vice President of the Active & Healthy Alliance Gold Coast


What is your favourite dinner? (And cooking doesn’t have to be up to you!)

A selection of wholesome salads full of veggies and healthy stuff like quinoa, seeds, nuts etc.


You’ve got a day to yourself – how do you spend it?

Ideally on my surfboard and getting out in the ocean but I need to do more of this as it really makes you feel alive. If I can’t get out on the board then it’s great to get a run in, catch up with friends for a coffee or just read a good book without being annoyed every 15 minutes!


Last time you read a personal development article? What was it about?

My kids are just beginning their journey into sports and I am keen to also get more involved in encouraging kids to enjoy running through starting up a kids run for fun club. I read a great article called Five Ways to Nurture Talent (Without Being a Psycho Parent). Basically it concluded that there was one phrase spoken by parents that brought the kids the most happiness. One simple sentence that made them feel joyful, confident, and fulfilled. Just six words – I love to watch you play. It was a simple article but it had some really great points that can help all parents.


Do you get time to exercise? What’s your favourite activity to get the endorphins going?

I don’t feel like I can function each day without getting my endorphin hit from doing something physical. I am also lucky to have a supportive partner who lets me get out most mornings (when the surf isn’t good). I think it is for his own sanity though as it really does help to relieve stress and I know I am a better parent and person from being active every day. I love to run and also have been doing Zuu for the last few years, which is quite an intense body weight/primal movement type of training. It’s not for the faint hearted but it is an awesome workout and really shows how hard you can train without any equipment.


What’s your favourite TV show to escape reality?

I really loved Offspring when it was on and also the series Arrow. I don’t watch that much TV now as I would rather chill out with a good book


What did you want to be when you ‘grew up’?

I am not sure what it was early on, but at school I wanted to be a physiotherapist.


Most played song on your iPod (and you can be honest – even if it’s One Direction or the Wiggles!)

I like Ed Sheeran at the moment but also older bands, such as The Doors, Violent Femmes, the Eagles etc.




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