The TikTok app is a massive global phenomenon and it just continues to become more and more popular; so, do you know what TikTok is and if your child is using TikTok? TikTok recently bought and took over the also popular app Musial.ly. So, if your child previously had the musically app they will now have TikTok in its place.

TikTok is an app for creating short videos and live broadcasting. You can use various tools to overlay effects and filters to make the content unique to you. Users can of course also watch other people’s videos as well as making their own.

Why is this app just so popular? Basically, it mixes self-deprecating humour with the latest pop music and you can be a star here. The app has a very genuine feeling to it and the content is often quite physical and funny – people don’t tend to take themselves too seriously here.

This app is where kids are now flocking too, to become known as not only awesome and creative content makers, but also to build an audience to position themselves as influencers and this is rapidly becoming big business, not just overseas but here in Australia too. Interesting though, the majority of the people on TikTok who are there to just watch, are a lot younger than the most popular content creators, and this is where we need to be vigilant.

Because, this app is not all innocent and it has some questionable content, so if your child is using the app then you need to be aware of it and what you can do. Technically TikTok is for people 13+ but we know that there are many kids much younger who are regularly using the app to watch their favourite stars like JoJo Siwa or follow the challenges like #eatonthebeat.

If your child is using TikTok, then you need to ensure that you have set it up appropriately with the right level of privacy and safety settings. Be watchful for highly sexual songs and dance moves. Discuss what’s appropriate for your child to share online themselves and to watch. Also, be mindful of conversations and messaging via the app.

One good thing that TikTok does offer is the ability to limit the amount of time spent in the app, which is controlled by pin code, so if your child wants more time they have to ask you for the code. I think this is a great idea as it is far too easy for kids, and let’s face it adults as well, to lose track of time when online.

TikTok is a super fun app and it’s easy to see why kid and teens love it. Just make sure you’ve established some ground rules with your kids and that you have the app setup to a safety level that you are happy with first.

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Jane Webster

Jane Webster  

An experienced social media specialist, Jane has worked with many organisations and businesses to help them understand and use social media to grow their business, raise brand awareness and engage with their clients. But after noticing how many of her clients were asking questions about other, non-business apps - like Snapchat and Tik Tok - and, in particular, how their kids were using these apps, Jane decided to create a space where parents can be informed and armed with the tools required to support their children online. Code9 Parent was born! // www.code9parent.com.au