We have so much of everything, how do we know if enough is enough? Enough of what?


“Sometimes letting things go is an act of far greater power than defending or hanging on.”

– Eckhart Tolle


Enough stuff and enough people. Enough relationships or even enough of a relationship. Enough clutter and stuff surrounding us and clouding our thoughts and feelings; and style and ability. In this day of instant access to pretty well everything we ‘generally’ live in a fast moving, fast consuming instant gratification society and often wonder why we don’t feel content, happy or fulfilled.


We can often wake up drained and struggle to get out of bed, right now it can also have something to do with the winter weather. However it can also be created by the ‘toxins’ we have invited or give permission to be in our life. Toxins can be anything from clutter around us, in our minds and also the people we choose to associate or live with. Too much of these toxins will cause us to have limited and negative thinking (how can we be our best when we have toxins surrounding us). If not dealt with it can also cause sickness. When our thoughts are on the low and negative side it impacts on our body in many different ways, leading to different illnesses, and can result in our body being in a state of ‘dis-ease’.


We are connected meta-physically – emotionally ???? to all of the people in our life and stuff in our life. There is an energy, a pull, a connector, an invisible cord. Sometimes this can also be described as an anchor, a weight, a drain – whatever it is, it is there. So, whether we have a small or large amount of toxicity around us in any form; relationships, clutter or thoughts it’s important to release it. We can then make new choices as to who or what to invite back into our life.


Here is a great little exercise to do regularly which will assist in releasing ‘relationships, people and stuff’ from our life. It’s a cleansing and releasing exercise with great results. When it’s described to put people on the stage, do so. Re-do the exercise with ‘stuff’, the releasing process will be helpful in discarding them from our life, thank the ‘things & stuff’ for being in our life. This exercise is powerful and effective. It’s important to give ourself the quiet time to do it in, approximately 7-10 minutes. It’s also helpful to do before going to sleep and before getting up in the morning.


Sit or lay quietly, get comfortable and take a couple of deep breathes. Now, close your eyes. Nice deep breathing. Pretend you are looking at a stage, really create the picture. Now, invite onto stage people from your past, (old school friends – if you like) and present friends, bring them up leaving your family, partner and children to last.


As you invite each individual onto the stage, connect with them and ask this question. “Do you understand and respect me for who I am? They may answer yes, or no. If they say no, ask them to step to the back of the stage (where a small crowd will start to grow of your colleagues, associates and friends/family – whoever you personally have invited up). If they say yes, you can either ask them to leave the stage or join the group at the back. This is totally up to you and how you are feeling.


Remember there is a very thin cord connecting you to each of these people, it’s a delicate silk thread – any colour you like.


Next, you need to float up high, really high above where you are. As you look down you will notice the stage getting smaller and smaller, you will see all the silk threads connecting you swaying in the breeze. The people of course will be getting smaller and smaller. The stage will become a very small speck down below. Float higher and higher (you may need wings to get you higher, pretend to hold onto a bird to take you, or have balloons taking you up, whatever it takes get up high, high, high so it’s a tiny speck below). Now, see the threads connecting you – so many individual threads (depending on how many are on your stage). Next, visualise a sharp, shiny cutting device, guillotine, scissors, sword etc. Hold up your cutting implement and NOW, slice through the silk cords. NOW, do once more – with a slicing noise, shhhhhhhk. Now, watch the threads floating away and dissolving into the air. Breathe in this releasing, nice and deep. Now, look, there is nothing between you, it’s all been released.


Gentle, very gently float down, down, down, now back down to ‘now, your present space’. Open your eyes. Take a nice big breath and smell your favourite smell. (this is important). It might be freshly cut grass, popcorn cooking, hamburgers or your favourite dish cooking. Bring yourself back to this moment!


Take a deep breath and move on. Be observant of the differences when reconnecting with people and also observe who is now released. Notice what changes this makes in life as you move about your day to day life.



The first time doing this exercise, I suggest everyone be left on the stage. The cord can be cut and this can cause the connection to become stronger when re-connecting with a loved one or friend. It is completely up to you – leaving them on the stage or not. There is no right or wrong with this exercise. Follow the flow; stage, invite people, ask a question important to you, go up high as high as you can, cut the cords, release, come back down, breath, come back to now. The height is important also the cutting the ties and releasing. Then doing regularly or at least 3 or 4 times and then every time you feel the need.


This It’s a great tool for life. Enjoy the process.


“Surrender to what is. Let go of what was. Have faith in what will be.”

– Sonia Ricotti


If you would like to share what you received from the exercise, feel free to leave a comment. If you have any questions, feel free.


Debbie Hogg

Debbie Hogg  

Debbie Hogg is one of Australia’s leading coaches PCC/APC, is an award winning Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, Speaker, Women’s Retreat Master, Writer, Podcaster, Adventurous Hiker and is The Self-Worth Coach. Debbie is passionate in helping women manage their ‘Inner & Outer’ balance. She is co-creator of Life Skills Programs, assisting parents teach children confidence and resilience. Debbie knows that when we give ourselves permission to fully show up in our life amazing serendipities occur! She is mum to two amazing teenager daughters // www.debbiehogg.com