Time to chill out

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Parenting kids and their schedules keep us busy – how on Earth are parents going to have time to themselves?

Some days, it can seem almost impossible to have any time to yourself to just chill out.

Here are our top tips on ways to chill out in amongst family life.

Reading is an excellent way to relax and something the whole family can do. Get the kids to sit back and read at the same time.

Put some time aside to exercise during the festive season. You’ll be eating more, probably drinking more, but moving less. It’s important to keep on top of your fitness all year long.

If full-on exercise isn’t your thing you should consider yoga – it’s great for the mind and the body. If you’re a lover of exercise you should consider yoga too.

It’s time for a digital detox. You’ve been tethered to your phone all year and it’s time for a break. Turn it off and go somewhere where there’s no technology!

Spa treatment
At this time of the year many of us are feeling the end of year burnout and it’s time to treat yourself. We often find ourselves putting everyone else first during the festive season, but it’s time to put YOU first with a spa treatment.

Make sure you’re getting plenty of sleep at this time of year because you’ll need it. With Christmas parties, shopping, 24/7 parenting and work it’s more vital than ever to be sleeping through the night.

Walk through nature
Going for a walk whether it’s on the beach, in the bushland or through a park can help to clear your mind and keep your sanity. Because let’s face it – with the kids home for at least six weeks it might be a struggle to stay sane.

Go to the hair/nail salon
Get your hair and nails done so you can look 110% this festive season! Also, who doesn’t love the scalp massage you get at the hairdresser.

Have a cuppa
Even five minutes on your own with a cup of tea or coffee (obviously coffee, not tea) will make a world of difference.

The kids can visit their grandparents
If all else fails and you’re struggling to get the Christmas shopping done offload the kids onto some relatives. This is what grandparents are for right?



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